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IEEE Std 1483-2000, Verification of Vital Functions in Processor-Based Systems

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This standard provides a set of standard verification tasks for processor-based equipment used in safety-critical applications on rail and transit systems. The scope of this standard shall encompass, and be limited to, processes that verify the level of safety achieved in the implementation of safety-critical functions that are required to be fail-safe. This standard does not address quality assurance or validation processes, which also affect the level of overall system safety achieved.
The purpose of this safety verification process standard is to provide a well-defined and well-structured set of analysis methods and documentation that - Fulfills the primary purpose of the verification process; - Is flexible enough to accommodate all viable design methods; - Satisfies the safety requirements of the end user. This standard - Defines a necessary and sufficient set of analyses at the concept, functional, and implementation levels that comprehensively identify and verify all functions required to be implemented as fail-safe; - Defines responsibilities for equipment suppliers and end users.

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