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IEEE Std 1475-1999, Propulsion Controller/Motor/Brake

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IEEE Std 1475-1999 is now a published standard, available for purchase from the IEEE On-Line Store.

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This standard prescribes the interface functionality among propulsion, friction brake, and train-borne master control. It encompasses performance parameters, communication methods, and the means for measurement and verification of performance. "Third party" systems performing functions traditionally carried out in one of the above systems are also covered.
Numerous functional protocols presently exist for interfaces among train-borne master control, propulsion, friction brake, spin-slide control, etc. This has led to a lack of standardization, compatibility, and interchangeability, with attendant higher first cost and recurrent integration problems. Standards, when used be vehicle purchasers, carbuilders, and system suppliers, are expected to lower costs, reduce vehicle introduction problems, improve reliability, and facilitate upgrades, Standards will ensure prioritization of sagety functionality.

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IEEE P-1475
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Working Group Members

Nicholas J. Brearey 
James H. Dietz 
David Dimmer 
Harold C. Gillen 
George Heisey 
Hal B. Henderson, P.E. 
Paul E. Jamieson, P.E. 
Kevin D. Johnson 
R.E. (Rob) McHugh, P.E. 
Richard J. Mazur, P.E. 
Fred M. Perilstein, PE 
Radovan Sarunac, Ph.D. 
Matthieu Vanasse, P. Eng. 
Henry J. Wesling 

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