Working Group 9
IEEE Rail Transit Vehicle Interface Standards Committee

IEEE Std P-1544, Transit Communications Interface Profiles (TCIP) for Railcar Basic Operating Unit Interoperability

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WG9 was originally convened to develop standardized rail TCIP profiles and data dictionaries, a mammoth task. This original mission remains the long-term goal of the working group; however, the work has been broken down into manageable “packages” which will be addressed in sequence in a series of 'dot' standards..

Draft 4 is being revised to be protocol-neutral.  In addition, normative data-element XML schemas are being developed based on TCIP.

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This standard defines the data elements, content, and structure of messages, and interoperability requirements for data communications within rail vehicles and between basic operating units within a train for applications other than Communications Based Train Control (CBTC).
This standard provides clearly defined message structures and content for intra-train communications, providing for interoperability between disparate systems and equipment. Through consistent use of this standard, functional entities on rail vehicles will be able to communicate seamlessly with each other.

Draft Standard

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IEEE Std P-1544:
Draft 6

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Other Documents
1 27 APR 98 Washington DC wg9agn1 wg9mtg1  
2 29 MAY 98 New York City, NY wg9agn2 wg9mtg2
3 5-6 AUG 98 Washington DC


4 29 SEP 98 Pittsburgh, PA


wg9mtg4 ABB Presentation
5 18 NOV 98 New York, NY wg9agn5 wg9mtg5  
6 30 APR 99 New York, NY


wg9mtg6 attendees
7 8-9 JUN 99 Seattle, WA   wg9mtg7  
8 19 OCT 99 Jacksonville, FL wg9agn8 wg9mtg8  
9 15 FEB 00 Washington, DC wg9agn9 wg9mtg9  
10 01 MAY 00 Philadelphia, PA wg9agn10 wg9mtg10  
11 21 JULY 00 Washington, DC wg9agn11 wg9mtg11 WMATA 1475 DB
1544 Database Variable Definitions
12 26 OCT 00 West Mifflin, PA     wg9mtg12  
13 17 JAN 01 Ambler, PA wg9agn13  wg9mtg13  
14 15 MAR 01 Washington, DC - -  
15 20 JUL 01 Saint-Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec, Canada - -  
16  11 OCT 01 Ambler, PA


Chair's "Notes"
17 16 NOV 01 Villurbanne, France wg9agn17 wg9mtg17  
18 25 FEB 02 Washington, DC wg9agn19 -  
20 11 APR 02 Newark, NJ - wg9mtg20 NJT's Comet V  Interface
21 12 JUL 02 Pittsburgh, PA wg9agn21 -  
22 9 OCT 02 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu  
- -  
23 27 FEB 03 Washington, DC - wg9mtg23.doc  
24 15 MAY 03 Philadelphia, PA wg9agn24 wg9mtg24  
25 31 July 03 Philadelphia, PA wg9agn25 wg9mtg25 D4 comments
26 24 Sept 03 Washington, DC wg9agn26 wg9mtg26  
27 26 JAN 04 San Diego, CA wg9agn27    



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