IEEE 1564 Voltage Sag Indices Task Force


The IEEE 1564 Task Force is assigned to write an IEEE Guide for Voltage Sag Indices by the IEEE Voltage Quality Working Group.

Task Force Officers

Chair Secretary
Dan Sabin
Electrotek Concepts
100 Cummings Center, Suite 130G
Beverly, Massachusetts, 01915
Rich Bingham
1000 New Durham Road
Edison, New Jersey 08818
E-Mail: Dan Sabin
E-Mail: Rich Bingham

Project Scope

This guide identifies appropriate voltage sag indices and characteristics as well as the methods for calculating them. Methods are provided for quantifying the severity of individual events (single-event characteristics), for quantifying the performance at a specific location (single-site indices), and for quantifying the performance of the whole system (system indices). Multiple methods are presented for each. The methods are appropriate for use in transmission, distribution, and utilization electric power systems.

Project Purpose

This document identifies and defines different characteristics and indices. It does not recommend the use of a specific set of indices, but instead recommends the method for calculating specific indices when such an index is used. The large variation in customers sensitive to voltage sags and power providers supplying them makes it impossible to prescribe a specific set of indices. Instead this document aims at assisting in the choice of index and ensuring reproducibility of the results after a certain index has been chosen. The user of this document may decide to calculate the value for just one index or for a number of different indices, depending on the application..
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