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  Working Groups
       - Automatic Test Mark-up Language          (ATML)
       - Diagnostic Maintenance and Control          (DMC)
       - Hardware Interfaces (HI)
       - Test and ATS Description (TD)
       - Test Information Integration (TII)

  Active Projects
       - IEEE P1445
       - IEEE P1514
       - IEEE P1636.2
       - IEEE P1641.1a
       - IEEE P1671.1
       - IEEE P1671.3
       - IEEE P1871.2
       - IEEE P1505.1
       - IEEE P1636

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IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 20 on Test and Diagnosis for Electronic Systems
Established 1966

Sponsored by
IEEE Aerospace Electronic Systems Society
IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society

Scope: Provides for the management, development, and maintenance of language and interface standards supporting system-level (onboard and offboard) automatic test and diagnosis. These standards include (but are not limited to) test requirements, test programs, test procedures, diagnostic knowledge, maintencance information, and major hardware subsystem interfaces between and within Automatic Test Systems.



National Security Depends on Standards - By Mike Seavey, chair, IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 20, engineering program manager, Northrop Grumman Corporation

IEEE History Center (Issue 101, July 2016)
A Brief History of Standards Steering Committee 20 (Page 7)

Mike Seavey
Northrop Grumman

Chris Gorringe
Spherea Technology

Teresa Lopes