ATML Demo Walkthrough

ATML Demonstrations

The ATML Demonstrations were a series of three demonstrations shown at IEEE AutoTestCon conference from 2008-2010. Each demonstration built on the files and design of the previous demonstrations using the ATML family of standards with available commercial tool sets.

ATML Core Components

The ATML demonstrations used core components to share information across a variety of traditional ATE platforms and In-Circuit testers

This walkthrough examines these core components to provide a detailed critique for other user of ATML, identifying the different methods and lessons learnt when creating ATML files for describing TPS files.

The core components considered are

Generic Name Std File Name Description
UUT Description IEEE Std 1671.3 UUTDescriptionDemo3.xml Describes the UUT Interface, test points, components and schematic interconnects associated with the UUT
Test Description IEEE Std 1671.1 ATMLDemo3.xml Describes the UUT Interface, the DC power requirements, a list of actions and the default test sequences. The Test Description also defines the failure modes and default diagnostic tests
Test Adaptor Description IEEE Std 1671.5 TestAdaptorDescriptionDemo3.xml Describes the Test Station to Interface Adaptor (ITA) Interface, the edge connectors and pint to pin wiring. Each path has a design resistance and the description contains a complete point to point netlist of the wiring.
wirelists Interconnect IEEE Std 1671 WireListDemo3.xml TBD
Signal Model Libraries IEEE Std 1641 ATMLDemo2DigitalPatterns.xml Contains TSF description of digital signals used in Test Description
    ATMLDemoRTCASSLib.xml Contains TSF descriptions for basic analogue signals used as part of Demo
    OnedBCompressionTest.xml Contains TSF descriptions of RF Gain and OnedB CompressionPoint Measurements used as part of Demo
    DigitalDSGTSFLib.xml Additional 1641 Support TSF Library describing fundimental dignal compoennts

ATML Components

Other ATML components and files used in these demonstartion but not neseccarly shared across all demonstrations include

Generic Name Std File Name Description
UUT Instance IEEE Std. 1671.3 UUTInstanceDemo3.xml TBD
TestConfiguration IEEE Std. 1671.4    
ITA Instance IEEE Std. 1671.5 TestAdaptorInstanceDemo3.xml Duplicates the ITA Description, provides full values of the path resistance loss and the complete Test Station capability provided through the ITA
ATML Capabilities IEEE Std. 1671    
Test Station Description IEEE Std. 1671.6    
Test Station Instance IEEE Std. 1671.6    
Instrument Description IEEE Std. 1671.2    
Test Results IEEE Std. 1636.1    
MAI IEEE Std. 1636.2    

Demonstration Phases

Each ATML Demonstration has shown a different aspect of the ATML standards maturity. After each phase all lessons learnt and issues were fed back to the SCC20 ATML various working groups as part of the trial use period, resulting in updates and advances in the standards

  1. Standards near completion (AUTOTESTCON 2008) - Working Together
    • Phase I showed how standards work together in supporting system-level use cases
      • Utilized Marines RTCASS
  2. Standards complete (AUTOTESTCON 2009) - Ready For Use
    • Phase II showed how the use of ATML can provide benefits to the test and ATE community by reducing life cycle costs and improving test information exchanges
      • Utilized DoD ARGCS
  3. Standards being used in Industry and Government (AUTOTESTCON 2010) - Operational Systems
    • Phase III shows the expanding use of ATML across various test systems
      • Utilizes the Army’s NGATS system and In-Circuit testers

Demonstration Goals

  1. To demonstrate how all these standards work together to provide all the necessary test information in a reusable format to take a test requirements and convert it into a test program running on an existing ATE system
  2. To show how the use of ATML can provide real benefits to the test and ATE community by reducing life cycle costs and improving test information exchanges.  The demonstration focuses on the following key areas:
    ·        Test Diagram Generation
    ·        ATML Test Description supporting TPS life cycle
    ·        Modular instrument description within an ATS description
    ·        Use of Test Configuration at test station runtime
    ·        Interfacing with Test Results archiving databases
    ·        ATML Capability for a UUT with digital and bus testing

  3. To show the expanding use of ATML across various test systems. The demonstrations are a combination of systems using ATML and shows how ATML has been used on real programs and systems.
    The demonstrations consist of:
    ·        Using ATML with a real UUT, ITA and Test Program on new systems
    ·        Integrating ATML with other test standards, such as MAI with actual diagnostics, for historical recording and comparison of results