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IEEE SCC-20 Hardware Interfaces Sub-committee

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The Hardware Interfaces (HI) Sub-committee manages the IEEE-1505 RFI and the associated Pin Map (IEEE-1505.1 CTI) standards.New developments in the world of test and sustainment support are blurring the lines between On-platform test and Off-platform test functions.HI is focused on facilitating the hardware interfaces of both those test functions within the scope of the Standards Coordinating Committee 20 (SCC20).If you are interested in the objectives and work of the Hardware Interfaces Sub-committee, contact us now or join SCC-20 by filling out a contact sheet known as the [Bluesheet].



General Documents of the Hardware Interfaces Sub-committee



RFI and 1505.1 Pin Map Overview


Related Standards, Links and Documents

1505.1 Pin Map in XML format [ZIP]



The CIWG Report that started it all


TC-8 MIPSS Presentation



DoDís Common Test Interface Presentation

Official Documents of Hardware Interfaces


Downsize Pin Map (Proposal for P1505.3)

Operations Manual


M-Module directory on C&H site to support Mezzanines of MIPSS



All HIWG Minutes


IEEE-P1505.3 PAR







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