IEEE-P1505 Receiver-Fixture Interface (RFI) Standard Page


The Goals Of The RFI Are To Create An Open-Architecture

Standard For A Mass Interconnect System For ATE/ATS to UUT Interfaces. 

The System Is To Be Modular And Scalable To Satisfy Requirements Of A

Large Range Of Compatible ATE Systems From Small Suitcase Testers

Through Large Depot ATE In Both A Military And Commercial Environment.


The RFI Is The Basis For The Current Government-Industry

Common Test Interface (CTI) Working Group.  The Efforts Of This Group Are To

Create A Common Pin Map To Achieve ATS And TPS Interoperability.


The Efforts Of The CTI WG Are Incorporated In The Current

Working Version Of The IEEE-P1505.1 Standard.


Page last updated by Dave Droste on 11 October, 2005