Requirements Document 

Standard for Testability and Diagnosability Characteristics and Metrics


Prepared By:

The Diagnostic and Maintenance Control Subcommittee of

IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 20

Version 2

13 October 1999


Scope: This standard defines technology independent testability and diagnosability characteristics and metrics; particularly those based on relevant standard information models including standard AI-ESTATE information models.

Purpose: This standard will provide consistent, unambiguous definitions of testability and diagnosability characteristics and metrics. This will provide a common basis for system testability and diagnosability assessment.

Requirements: The following requirements shall be met by the P1522 standard.
  1. Technological Independence—The metrics defined in this standard shall be applicable to any target technology.
  2. Implementation Independence—The metrics defined in this standard shall not require any specific software implementation.
  3. Consistent Definitions—This standard shall provide English and mathematical definitions that do not contradict one another.
  4. Unambiguous Definitions—To avoid ambiguity, the mathematical definition will always take precedence over the English definition.
  5. Measurable Definitions—Predictive and empirical metrics defined in this standard shall be derivable from standard information models (at least those in the AI-ESTATE standards) and verifiable or determinable from measurement data.
  6. Knowledge—This standard shall clearly define the knowledge required for each testability and diagnosability metric.
  7. Non-normative Definitions—Selected qualitative characteristics that are not mathematically definable shall be included in an informative annex or separate recommended practice.