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The TAD subcommittee is a subcommittee of Standards Coordinating Committee 20 on Test and ATS Description

Our subcommittee was formerly known as the ATLAS subcommittee because our primary activity was concerned with the development of ATLAS standards. We are now responsible for the development and maintenance of the SCC20 standards that support the description of signals, tests, test requirements and test systems.

Our primary activities now involve the development and support of the Signal and Test Definition (STD) standard and its User Guide, together with some of the ATML standards. The ATML standards that are maintained by TAD are Test Description (IEEE 1671-1) and Instrument Description (IEEE 1671-2).

Our members come from a wide range of test related disciplines, including military, aviation, commercial equipment manufacturers and users. We meet face to face at our SCC20 and interim meetings, but much of our work is completed via electronic means. Drafts and comments are circulated via e-mail to ensure those who may be physically remote from many group members are still able to fully participate in projects and standards development.

The IEEE, SCC20 and the TAD subcommittee are keen to welcome anyone who has an interest in the development of test related standards to participate in the activities of the group. Details are provided on the Subcommittee Members and Documents pages.


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