Links and Other Information


The main SCC20 Website may be found at and this contains links to other SCC20 Subcommittees and the “BlueSheet” page where you may join SCC20.

The IEEE homepage may be found at and the IEEE Standards Association homepage is at

To purchase any of the IEEE standards discussed in these pages visit the TECHSTREET webstore. To find the standard you require just enter the standard number (such as IEEE 716 or IEEE 1641) into the keyword field and click “Go”. Include “IEEE” in the search as this reduces the number of offerings from other standards organisations, such as ISO.

The ARINC ATLAS variant (ARINC Specification 626-3) may be found at Just follow the links to 600 series standards and 626-3.

For further information on the use of IEEE 1641, see the Signal and Test Definition website. This website is dedicated to promoting IEEE 1641, and includes additional material provided by the UK MOD. There is also a links page to other websites that provide support to users of IEEE 1641.