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IEEE 1547.3 - 2007
Guide For Monitoring, Information Exchange, and Control
of Distributed Resources Interconnected with Electric Power Systems
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These archives contain open information specific to P1547.3 standard development such as meeting notices, meeting minutes, and member lists.

Past Notice/Agenda
No further P1547.3 working group meetings are planned.

Registration Information – First time attendees, please return a completed registration form (Excel 24 KB) to David Glickson and Tom Basso, the SCC21 secretary, at least two weeks before the meeting. Ongoing attendees, please RSVP and provide any changes to your contact information.

David Glickson
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1617 Cole Boulevard,
MS 1623
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303 275-4097
Fax: 303 275 4320

Meeting Introductory Presentation (PDF 211 KB)



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