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A photo made my trip this week

Dear Sara,

Thanks again for hosting the meeting and also it was very joyful to discuss with you on the data flows. 

I bumped into this photo at the Computer Science Museum on my way back to SFO this morning. It cracked out a lot of memories, from this grid monitoring board during my father's  days to the smart control-rooms at PJM and other world leading energy control centers. This weekend the Museum will be open free to IEEE members and their families.  If you have time, check out the VAX and PDP-11 machines - good to know history can be our own life too! I am loaded with gifts from this one and the Intel's. 

With the data-stream of  maximum 7 8-byte datapoints per device, power grid operation utilized each of the computer architecture revolutions from 1960's to keep lights on. After reviewing this fact,  I realized that we are missing something throughout the entire P2030 development, i.e. the use of the data. With the massive and complicated data map in p2030 ( comparing to the doc I send to you), shouldn't we sketch the way of using these data, where and how? Maybe this idea is against today's digital world rule - dump the data first and then some genius will find a way to use it :) 

I joked with few colleagues that the P2030 process has become more and more philosophical debates rather than an engineering approach. Out of the computer science museum, I found I was correct. Looking through these average 15-years old historical records, I am sure one day, in an exhibition hall powered with smart grid techniques, the data flow and data maps argued and refined in the SC12 auditorium will have a slice on the wall. 

Let's work together and make it happen. 

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On the flight back to Pilly.