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Planning: P1547 series and P2030.2 year 2014 dates (most tentative)

Dear SCC21 P1547 series and P2030.2 Colleagues,
below is table of calendar year (CY) tentative activities for 1547 series and P2030.2 activities.  Most are tentative target dates and target  locations (don’t buy airline tickets until actual notices are sent).  As soon as we are firm with an activity we will then provide the planned details and logistics.  Basically, the meeting logistics are now being coordinated through IEEE staff support. 
The P1547 inaugural working group meeting is firm for Apr 23 – 25 (end noon) and the meeting hotel contract is close to finalized (NV Las Vegas). 
The interim period between stated activities  represents a good amount of work, e.g., your contributions and commitment to getting the work done in a consensus manner and informing your peers of that consensus.  Without your support and commitment to establishing consensus, the tentative target dates will extend out.  Note additional follow on activities to some activities below extend beyond end of year (EOY) 2014 and those activities are not drafted yet, e.g., future P1547 (full revision) and P1547.1 (full revision) meetings.  
We appreciate your work along with your employer’s commitment, and look forward to your help in accelerating these projects to timely completion.
Date (2014)  Activity Location Note
Jan 29 P1547 revision; PAR sent to IEEE Web March IEEE consideration
Feb 4 P1547.8 WG meeting CA Santa Clara 8 am – 5 pm 
Feb 5 P2030.2 WG meeting CA Santa Clara 8 – 5
Feb 6 - 7 (end noon) P1547.1a WG meeting CA Santa Clara 8 – 5; 8-noon 
Feb 12 Logistics for P1547 inaugural WG meeting Apr 23 – 25 (end noon) NV Las Vegas Tentative but firm
Mar – May P1547.8 ballot ready draft; to IEEE for OK to ballot.  Webinars to establish ballot-ready  draft Tentative dates
Mar – June       P2030.2 ballot ready draft; to IEEE for OPK to ballot  Webinars to establish ballot-ready draft Tentative dates
Apr 23 – 25 (end noon) P1547 inaugural WG meeting NV Las Vegas Tentative but firm
June – Sep    P1547.8 ballot affirmation successful (recirculations as necessary) Webinars;  emails Tentative dates  
June 24 – 25 (end noon) P1547.1a WG meeting IL Chicago area? Tentative; Final WG meeting? (possible after noon engineer’s tour)
June 26 – 27 (end noon) P1547 WG meeting IL Chicago? Tentative.  
July – Nov       P2030.2 ballot  affirmation successful (recirculations as necessary)  Webinars;  emails Tentative dates
July – Sep  P1547.1a pre-ballot draft to WG; to IEEE for OK to ballot.  Webinars;  emails Tentative
July – Oct P1547 extended outline Webinars;  emails Tentative
Nov 4 - 5 P1547 WG meeting IEEE area? Tentative
Nov 6 - 7 P1547.1 full revision meeting IEEE area? Tentative
Fall to EOY P1547.1a ballot affirmation successful Webinars;  emails Tentative dates
Fall to EOY  P1547.8 publication ready document to IEEE  Webinars;  emails Tentative dates 
Fall  to EOY P2030.2 publication ready document to IEEE Webinars;  emails Tentative dates 
Respectfully, Thomas.Basso@xxxxxxxx 
office 303 275-3753;   cell 303 514-0579
Distributed Energy Systems Integration,
Power Systems Engineering Center
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
15013 Denver West Pkwy ESIF-200
Golden CO 80401