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IEEE P2030.3
Standard for Test Procedures for Electric Energy Storage Equipment
and Systems for Electric Power Systems Applications

This project is sponsored by the IEEE-SASB Coordinating Committee, SCC21 – Fuel Cells, Photovoltaics, Dispersed Generation, and Energy Storage.

Chair: Yiming Hou

IEEE Standards Liaison: Matt Ceglia

Title: Welcome to the P2030.3 working group (WG) website. The purpose of this site is to facilitate development of the P2030.3 standard while providing external communication of our progress (PAR)

Scope: This standard establishes test procedures for electric energy storage equipment and systems for electric power systems (EPS) applications. It is recognized that an electric energy storage equipment or systems can be a single device providing all required functions or an assembly of components, each having limited functions. Components having limited functions shall be tested for those functions in accordance with this standard. Conformance may be established through combination of type, production, and commissioning tests. Additionally, requirements on installation evaluation and periodic tests are included in this standard.

Purpose: Storage equipment and systems that connect to an electric power system (EPS) need to meet the requirements specified in related IEEE standards. Standardized test procedures are necessary to establish and verify compliance with those requirements. These test procedures need to provide both repeatable results, at independent test locations, and have flexibility to accommodate the variety of storage technologies and applications.

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