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IEEE 2030
Membership Information

P2030 membership is granted automatically to individuals who attended any one of the first two P2030 working group (WG) meetings and upon their request. Thereafter, membership is granted to individuals who attend two consecutive meetings of the existing WG, and also upon their request. Maintaining an active P2030 membership requires participating in on-going meetings of the P2030 working group.

Mentor Access
You must be a member to obtain access to the private side of IEEE's P2030 Mentor Document Sharing system. For more information on how to request access, visit the P2030 Logistics webpage.

Listserv Access
Access to all P2030 listservs is open to members and interested parties and is to be self-maintained by the subscriber. For more information on how to subscribe to any of the P2030 listservs, visit the P2030 Listserv webpage.




















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