IEEE SCC32 - Standards Coordinating Committee on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Draft Minutes

IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee on Intelligent

Transportation Systems (ITS): Working Group on Standards for

Intelligent Transportation Systems on

Data Dictionaries and Message Set Template


February 4, 1997

at ITS America

400 Virginia Ave SW, Suite 800

Washington, DC 20024


Members Present

Valerie Shuman, Chair

Bob Barrett

Ken Cook

Bruce Eisenhart

Rob Jaffe

Walter Morawski

Lyle Saxton

Andy Schoka


Lee Armstrong

Bruce Bargmeyer

Rena Barta

Stanley Ciszewski

Roy Courtney

Charles Katz

Thomas Kurihara

Joseph Leahy

Russell McCarty

Paula Okunieff

John Olson

Mike Schagrin

Ray Starsman

Mark Wiedelman

Consultants Present

Clay Collier

Charles Herget

Burton Parker

Tony Sarris

Staff Present

Rosemary Tennis

1. Call to order

The meeting was called to order by the chair, Valerie Shuman, at

9:05 AM EST.

2. Introductions

The chair asked everyone to introduce themselves.

3. Appointment of Acting Secretary

The chair asked for a volunteer from the working group to serve as secretary. There being no volunteers, the chair asked Charles Herget to take the minutes of the meeting.

4. Approval of Minutes

There was a request to approve the minutes of the previous meeting

on November 8, 1996. The unapproved minutes were posted on the IEEE

Standards web site: .

It was noted that some of the attachments referenced in the

minutes were not available on the web. Rosemary Tennis said that

she had not received all of the attachments in electronic form so

they could not be posted. Tennis made a request for everyone to

provide their presentations in electronic form as well as paper.

There was a motion (Barrett) made and seconded (Schoka) to approve

the minutes as posted on the web. The motion was accepted without


5. Approval of Agenda

An agenda was distributed and a request for approval was made.

There was a request to add a presentation by the EPA on the use of

their data base. There was also a request to add a presentation on

the Traffic Management Data Dictionary under New Business.

The agenda (Attachment 1) was approved as amended without


6. Consultant Progress/Issues Report and Discussion

It was announced that Ontek Corporation had been awarded a

contract by the IEEE under funding provided by the Federal Highway

Administration to provide consulting on this standards effort.

A presentation on the status of the contract was given by Tony

Sarris of Ontek. (See Attachment 2.)

7. EPA Environmental Data Registry

Bruce Bargmeyer gave an overview and status of the EPA's

Environmental Data Registry. (See Attachment 3.)

Joe Leahy gave a demonstration of the use of the registry which can

be accessed at

A demonstration is also available at

Shockwave is required to use the demo and can be downloaded from this site

8. Discussion on Ontek presentation

The group was asked to turn to discussion on the presentation by

Tony Sarris.

Bruce Eisenhart asked how the proposed approach solves the ITS

problem, Should there be one central registry for all ITS data

versus a registry for interchanged messages? How are existing data

dictionaries and new data dictionaries under development


Tom Kurihara suggested that there should be a concept of

operations. Issues to be addressed include:

A Central Registry

Common vs. Specialized data

Global vs. local uses of the data

Authority (data ownership and stewardship)


Enforced standardization

Uses of the data (e.g. statistical analysis, reporting, control,

business/financial accounting, etc.)

Shuman asked for volunteers to draw up "concept of operations" ideas

from the ATIS (Advanced Traveler Information System), APTS (Advanced Public Transportation System ) and ATMS (Advanced Traffic Management System ) perspectives.

Lyle Saxton, Paula Okunieff, and Bob Barrett agreed to assist.

9. Interim Data Registry

Discussion began on the need for an interim registry for use prior

to the adoption of the standard.

Saxton said he thought that an interim registry was desirable and


A motion was made (Barrett) and seconded (Okunieff) that the

interim registry accept structures in ISO 11179. The motion

carried with one abstention (Jaffe).

Bruce Eisenhart gave a presentation on a proposed interim registry

to be implemented by the Architecture Team using Microsoft Access.

(See Attachment 4.)

Schoka had reservations about endorsing a quick interim registry.

He stated that there were already models developed by the EPA and

Bellcore based on ISO 11179 that could be followed.

A motion was made (Saxton) and seconded (Okunieff) that the

Working Group support the proposal by the Architecture Team to

provide service to the data dictionaries under development.

The motion passed with one dissenting vote (Schoka).

Shuman requested a one page overview of the exact goals and

outputs of the interim registry. Eisenhart agreed to provide this

overview within one week.

Parker asked the question, "Will there be one registry or more than

one registry?"

Questions were raised regarding a central registry.

Will it be at one physical location or will it be central in a

logical sense? There seemed to be agreement that central meant

logical rather than physical.

Other questions were the following.

What is it?

Where is it?

Who operates it?

Who pays for it?

Who decides the content and on what basis?

What tools might be used to support its creation and on-going use?

Shuman asked Parker to write a white paper giving the pros and cons

to the two sides of his question.

Parker agreed to write the white paper and distribute it to the

working group within one week. He asked for comments back to him

within two weeks after distribution of the white paper so that he

can summarize the results. See White Paper: DATA REGISTRATION OPTIONS

10. User requirements

Shuman asked for input from three of the users on what they

perceived as the concept of operations for the data dictionary as

described above in 8: Saxton for the Traffic

Management DD, Okunieff for the Advanced Public Transit System DD,

and Barrett for the Advanced Traveler Information Systems DD.

Each prepared a view graph summarizing his or her views.

See Attachments 5.

11. Glossary Progress Report

Schoka is leading the effort on terminology. He passed out an Email

message he had sent the working group and a response he received

from Paul Hawes (Attachment 6). He asked for comments in one week

and then he will synthesize the results in to a next draft to be

distributed the following week. See Candidate ITS Working Terminology for Data Dictionaries and Message Sets

12. ISO TC204 Request for Review

Shuman said that she had received three documents from WG 1 of

ISO/TC 204: N222, N223, and N224 (See Attachment 7). Copies of the

documents were passed out to the Working Group with a request for

comments by February 14. Comments should be sent to Roy Courtney.

Schoka provided an overview of these documents. The primary

material is the identification of classification schemes. Layer 1

identifies ITS and layer 2 level identifiers are based on TICS user


NOTE: Recent events in ISO have overtaken these documents. A formal

report of the ISO activities will be circulated as soon as it is


Shuman requested volunteers to serve on a subgroup to work on

classification schemes. Bob Barrett, Bruce Eisenhart, Paula

Okunieff, Tony Sarris, Lyle Saxton, and Andy Schoka agreed to

serve on the subgroup with Eisenhart as chair.

13. Request for officers

Shuman said that the positions of vice-chair and secretary of the

working group were open and asked for volunteers.

14. ASN.1

Sarris asked if we needed to be concerned with syntax in the body of

the message, e.g. should we use ASN.1 to express data in the message

or will this be addressed at a lower layer in the ISO OSI


Shuman said she felt that we needed more information on ASN.1 and

asked if someone would give a presentation at the next meeting. Tom

Kurihara volunteered to present issues for discussion at the next


15. Action Items

- Participants who contributed documents to the November meetings are

requested to provide electronic copies to Rosemary Tennis for posting

with the minutes.

- Prepare overview of Interim Registry project.

Due: Feb. 11, 1997 (Bruce Eisenhart)

- Prepare white paper on "Central Registry" debate

Due: Feb. 11, 1997 (Burt Parker)

Committee response Due: Feb. 18, 1997 (to B. Parker)

- Respond to draft Terminology documents circulated by Schoka and


Committee response Due: Feb. 11, 1997 (to A. Schoka)

Summary Due: Feb. 18, 1997 (Andy Schoka)

- Respond to ISO TC 204 WG 1 documents

Committee response Due: Feb. 14, 1997 (to A. Schoka)

16. Schedule for upcoming meetings

The following schedule was established.

Date: March 6-7, 1997

Time: Beginning at 10:00 AM on March 6

Ending at 3:00 PM on March 7

Place: Offices of ITS America in Washington, DC.

Date: April 16

Time: to be announced


Date: May 1-2, 1997

Time: to be announced

Place: IEEE Washington Office

1828 L Street NW, Suite 1202

Washington, DC 20036-5104

17. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 PM EST.


[NB: only attachments that were submitted electronically are included. Please contact source for a hard copy.]

1. Agenda

2. Consultant Progress and Issues presentation (Tony Sarris)

3. EPA Environmental Data Registry presentation (Bruce Bargmeyer)

4. Architecture Interim Registry presentation (Bruce Eisenhart)

5. Concept of Operations diagrams (Saxton, Okunieff, Barrett)

6. Terminology

7. ISO TC 204 WG 1 N222, N223, N224



IEEE SCC32 Working Group on Standard P1488 and P1489:

ITS Data Dictionaries and Template for ITS Message Sets

4 February 1997

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

ITS America

400 Virginia Ave, SW

Suite 800

Washington, DC 20024


I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Consultant Progress/Issues Report and Discussion

III. Committee Administration/Organization

A. Task Groups

B. Officers

C. Liaisons

IV. Glossary Progress Report

V. ISO TC204 Request for Review

VI. Assignment of responsibilities for next meeting

VII. Schedule for upcoming meetings

VIII. Adjourn

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