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IEEE Standards Development Solutions Project

IEEE Incident Management Working Group

History of the Incident Management Working Group

In a United States Government/ITS America Survey of Standards Needs for an Intelligent Transportation System conducted in 1996, message sets for incident management were ranked sixth out of forty-four that were identified.  As such, these message sets represent a major component of the Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure.  Due in part to the critical nature of these elements, our initial project plan was developed, through cooperation between the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE).  The focus of our original Project Authorization Request (PAR) was to research, compile, analyze, and consolidate information leading to the publication of a standards message set for incident management.  The scope was initially limited to message sets associated with dataflows from the Emergency Management Center (EMC) to the Traffic Management Center (TMC) and Emergency Telephone System (ETS).These data flows set the stage for the development of ITS message sets for incident management. The New Standards Committee (NESCOM) approved this PAR, (P1512), on December 9th, 1997.

Following the formation and various meetings of the working group members and the sponsoring agencies, it became apparent that the original Architecture reference model used in developing the original PAR had undue limitations. Additionally, as work progressed, the obvious benefits of certain common messages, to be used by all emergency management centers, became increasingly clear.  As a result, a request to expand the scope of the original PAR to provide a family of PARs was submitted to the Standards Coordinating Committee 32 (SCC 32) on October 27, 1998.  The family of standards was to consist of a base standard, three companion volumes, and a data dictionary.  . The SCC 32 subsequently approved this request on December 10, 1998, and by the IEEE Standards Board on March 18, 1999.  The name, description, and purpose of each of these element is identified below.

  • 1512®-2000 - The PAR for the base standard.  This standard will provide incident management message sets common to traffic management, public safety, and hazardous materials incident response activities.
  • 1512.1-2003 - Volume 1.  Deals with Traffic Management message sets used in the course of highway incident management.
  • 1512.2-2004 - Volume 2.  Deals with Public Safety message sets (e.g., Fire Dispatch, Police Dispatch, EMS, etc.) used in the course of highway incident management.
  • 1512.3-2002 - Volume 3.  Deals with HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials activities) message sets used in the course of highway incident management.
  • P1512.4 - Volume 4. Deals with message sets used by Entities external to centers in the course of traffic incident management.

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