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"Linking Transportation and Public Safety".

Intelligent Transportation system:
With the increase of travel throughout the United States and beyond, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are vital to ensuring safety, protecting environment and relieving traffic congestion. To guarantee the smooth operation of ITS, standardization of a common method for ITS components to communicate with one another is key.

Incident management represents a major element of the ITS infrastructure. Working in cooperation with the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), IEEE is developing a family of standards known as 1512®.

IEEE 1512® Standards
The IEEE 1512® Family of standards are incident management and traffic incident related message sets. They provide incident management message sets common to traffic management, public safety, and hazardous materials incident response activities. Traffic incident management consists of managing available resources of various disciplines to mitigate an incident in an efficient and appropriate manner. Therefore a standard message sets will reduce the duplication of messages among various organizations and will help providers or services to interact more effectively and efficiently.

The IEEE 1512® family of standards include:

  • IEEE 1512® - 2000 (Common Incident Management Message Sets for Use by Emergency Management Centers)
  • IEEE 1512.1® - 2003 (Traffic Management)
  • IEEE 1512.2® - 2004 (Public Safety)
  • IEEE 1512.3® - 2002 (Hazardous Materials)
  • IEEE P1512.4 - (Entities External to Centers)

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