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This site is maintained as the public face of the Committee for Maintaining IEEE/ASTM SI 10. It has the following purposes:


This site represents a work in progress by a small, joint committee of volunteers drawn from IEEE and ASTM, with advisors and observers from other organizations, working together to achieve consensus. As a work in progress it should be expected to change from time to time. Nothing presented here represents an approved standard and therefore nothing here should be considered authoritative. It is not considered suitable for general distribution. Nonetheless, this material is copyrighted by IEEE and ASTM and all rights are retained by them.



The committee is working on a revision of IEEE/ASTM SI 10-2002, which is normally affirmed or revised about every five years.


The committee is conducting its work online. An organizational meeting was held at IEEE-USA Headquarters in Washington, DC in the Spring of 2006.


A joint committee has been convened and chair appointed. The committee consists of five members each from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc (IEEE) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Non-voting members from other organizations have voice but not vote. At this point members are collecting proposed change items and deliberating on them.


This joint committee of IEEE and ASTM is responsible for maintaining the primary American National Standard on metric practice, IEEE/ASTM SI 10-2002, American National Standard for Use of the International System of Units (SI):  The Modern Metric System. The standard is updated regularly, with the next edition scheduled for 2008.  Suggestions for improvement, requests for interpretation, and general comments are welcome, and should be sent to  The standard may be purchased from IEEE, ASTM, or ANSI.

For the sake of emphasis, comments from the public are invited. The committee's mail list is closed to allow private discussion, but suggestions and comments from the public will be cross-posted by the chair if the originator desires. If you wish to have your suggestion or comment forwarded to the committee please send an e-mail message to the chair via the committee's webmaster ( Ensure that you explicitly state "SI 10" and either "please post" or "please forward" in the text of your message. Otherwise, your communication will be considered private.


This area is provided to permit the committee a private area in which to work privately. The public has opportunity provided above by which to comment. Also, the committee's finished draft with the proposed changes will undergo the normal IEEE and ASTM procedures for public comment and voting. This area is password-protected and may be accessed by clicking here for the Private Page Menu.

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