IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Committee

IEEE Capacitor Subcommittee

Scope: Treatment of all shunt and series capacitor matters related to economics, technical design, theoretical and experimental performance, installation, application and service operation for use in power circuits of 60 Hertz and below for the purpose of affecting the performance or operating characteristics of the circuit.

The Capacitor Subcommittee reports to the Transmission and Distribution Committee of the IEEE Power & Energy Society.

Capacitor Subcommittee Officers:

Chairman: Vice Chairman: Secretary:
Richard Sévigny
Phone: 514-840-3000
Mike Hulse
Bonneville Power Administration
Phone: 360-418-2048
Vincent Deslauriers
ABB Inc.
Phone: 418-650-7602

Information for Subcommittee Members:

News and Awards Information:

  • The Task Force on Inductor Applications in Shunt Capacitors, which was chaired by Roy Alexander, completed a technical report that has been published on the IEEE PES Resource Center website. The report name is Transient Limiting Inductor Applications in Shunt Capacitor Banks and the corresponding report number is PES-TR16. The report was prepared by the Capacitor Subcommittee of the T&D Committee with input from the Switchgear Committee. The report was written in response to a great deal of confusion in the Power industry surrounding the application of transient limiting inductors in shunt capacitor banks. The report can be downloaded from the Technical Reports portion of the IEEE PES Resource Center website.
  • At the 2016 IEEE PES Switchgear Committee Meeting in Hilton Head, South Carolina, the Transient Limiting Inductor Applications in Shunt Capacitor Banks technical report was awarded the IEEE PES Technical Committee Prize Paper Award presented to Roy Alexander, Lucas Collette, Tom Grebe, Halim Malaj, and Joe Meisner by the Switchgear Committee of the IEEE Power and Energy Society.

Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting of the IEEE Capacitor Subcommittee will be January 13-17, 2019 during the IEEE PES JTCM Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Orange County, in Garden Grove (Anaheim), CA, USA. The meeting website is now open. A preliminary schedule for the Capacitor Subcommittee is now available.

Future Meetings:

  • August 4-9, 2019 General Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • January 12-16, 2020 JTCM Meeting in Jacksonville, Florida, USA

IEEE/PES Meeting Schedules and Information:

Preferred Topics for the Capacitor Subcommittee:

  • Innovative Capacitor Designs/Installations
  • Experience with the Application of Capacitors
    • Shunt or Series
    • Externally Fused, Internally Fused, Fuseless or Unfused
    • Maintenance Issues, Outages, Failure Investigation/Analysis, etc.
  • Harmonic Filter Capacitor Banks
    • Application in Harmonic Rich Environments
    • Unusual Applications and/or Constructions
  • Application of Capacitors using Power Electronics
    • Inter-Phase Power Controller (IPC)
    • Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitors (TCSC)
    • Others
  • Justification of Capacitors in a Deregulated Environment
  • Evaluation of Capacitor Losses
  • Mobile Capacitor Banks

Capacitor Related Definitions:

  • This is an assembly of definitions used in various standards related to power capacitors. The listing is intended to include all of the definitions in IEEE Standards 18 (Capacitors), 1036 (Application Guide), 824 (Series Capacitors) and 1531 (Filter Guide); and definitions from other standards and references where they are similar to those listed or are otherwise relevant. The purpose is to allow convenient comparison of the definitions used in various standards.

IEEE/PES Resources:

Subcommittee Meeting Minutes:

Download the following meeting minutes in Adobe Acrobat format:

Subcommittee Membership:

O. Alaoui (Othmane)ABB Inc.
R. Alexander (Roy)RWA Engineering LLC
S. Ashmore (Steve)QVARx Inc.
L. Bam (Loken)GE
B. Bhargava (Bharat)Electric Power Group
J. Bonner (Antone)Cooper Power Systems
T. Callsen (Tom)Weldy-Lamont Associates, Inc.
B. Chai (Bill)GE - CPQP
S. Chandran (Suresh)EPCOS
F. Constance (Frederich)National Grid
P. Datka (Paul)GE Energy Consulting
V. Deslauriers (Vincent)ABB Inc.
S. Edmondson (Stuart)Duke Power Company
B. English (Bruce)GE Energy Consulting
C. Ervin (Cliff)Transient Engineering Inc.
C. Fellers (Clay)  Eaton's Cooper Power Systems
K. Fender (Karl)Southern States LLC
P. Goldstrass (Peter)EPCOS AG
C. Gougler (Chuck)Schaffner Group
T. Grebe (Tom)EnerNeX
J. Harder (John)Consultant
I. Horvat (Ivan)ABB Inc. (Retired)
J. Houdek (John)Allied Industrial Marketing, Inc.
M. Hulse (Mike)Bonneville Power Administration
A. Kalyuzhny (Aaron)Israel Electric
S. Ladd (Stephen)Duke Energy
G. Lee (Gerald)Bonneville Power Administration
P. Lindberg (Per)ABB Facts / TSA
H. Liu (Hua)Southern California Edison
D. Luke (Dan)Eaton's Cooper Power Systems
H. Malaj (Halim)Consolidated Edison Company of New York
P. Marken (Paul)General Electric Grid Solutions
L. Marti (Luis)Hydro One
M. McVey (Mark)Dominion Virginia Power
B. Mehraban (Ben)American Electric Power
D. Meisner (Joe)American Electric Power
W. Munn (William)Southern Company
P. Mysore (Pratap)HDR Engineering Inc.
A. Naderian (Ali)Kinetrics Inc.
J. Nelson (Jeff)Tennessee Valley Authority
S. Newton (Sara)American Transmission Company
J. Paramalingam (Jan)Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.
J. Peggs (Jeff)Dominion Virginia Power
R. Ramos (Rey)Southern Company
P. Rancourt (Pier-Andre)ABB Inc.
V. Rebbapragada (Vittal)Consultant
J. Redlund (Joacim)ABB Inc.
S. Rios-Marcuello (Sebastian)Universidad Catolica De Chile
T. Rozek (Tom)DTE Energy Company, SEE - EPPM
D. Ruthman (Don)Myron Zucker, Inc.
E. Sanchez (Edwardo)Pacific Gas and Electric Company
S. Sathe (Shree)Eaton Corporation
R. Sévigny (Richard)Hydro-Québec
D. Sharma (Devki)Entergy Corporation
D. Simmons (David)Thomas & Betts
B. Singh (Biswajit)ABB AB, Capacitors
F. St-Hilaire (Frédéric)Hydro-Québec
R. Thallam (Rao)Salt River Project, XCT317
A. Thant (Aung)Nayak Corporation
L. Vovan (Lisa)Hydro-Québec Transénergie
A. Zobaa (Ahmed)Brunel University

Subcommittee Standards Activity:

The following completed standards are maintained by workings groups in the subcommittee.

The following draft standards are being developed by working groups or task forces in the subcommittee.

Working Groups of the Capacitor Subcommittee:

  • Shunt Capacitor Standard Working Group

    Chair: Mike Hulse, Bonneville Power Administration
    Phone: 360-418-2048 / e-mail:

    The latest published version of the Standard for Shunt Power Capacitors is IEEE 18-2012. The Working Group has reformed to undertake the next revision of the standard (P18). This standard applies to capacitors rated 216 V or higher, 2.5 kvar or more, and designed for shunt connection to ac transmission and distribution systems operating at a nominal frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. Service conditions, ratings, manufacturing and testing are covered. The 2002 revision added significant new requirements for units applied in fuseless and internally fused capacitor banks. Currently, suggestions are being collected for the next revision of IEEE Std. 18.

  • Shunt Capacitor Application Guide Working Group

    Chair: D. Joe Meisner, American Electric Power
    Phone: 614-933-2177 / e-mail:

    The latest published version of the Guide for the Application of Shunt Power Capacitors is IEEE 1036-2010. The Working Group has reformed to undertake the next revision of the standard (P1036). This guide applies to the use of 50 and 60 Hz shunt power capacitors rated 2400 Vac and above, and assemblies of capacitors. Included are guidelines for the application, protection, and ratings of equipment for the safe and reliable utilization of shunt power capacitors. The guide covers applications that range from simple unit utilization to complex bank situations. The Working Group added guidelines for the application of fuseless and internally fused capacitor banks. Additional information was added to the section on capacitor switching which is the source of a task force on capacitor switching applications.

  • Series Capacitor Standard Working Group

    Chair: Mark McVey, Dominion Virginia Power
    Phone: 804-257-4637 / e-mail:

    This Working Group reaffirmed IEEE 824, Standard for Series Capacitors. This standard applies to capacitors and assemblies of capacitors, insulation means, switching, protective equipment, and control accessories that form a complete bank for inserting in series with a transmission line. Included are requirements for safety, rating, and protective device levels. Functional requirements for alarm devices, maintenance, design and production tests, and a guide for operation are included. Functional requirements for protective devices are addressed, including varistors and bypass gaps.

    The Working Group wrote a paper that was published in 2001 regarding the application of series capacitors on distribution systems: Considerations for the Application of Series Capacitors to Radial Power Distribution Circuits, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Volume: 16, Issue: 2, April 2001, Pages: 306-318.

    The Working Group has completed work on IEEE 1726-2013 “Guide for the Specification of Fixed Series Capacitor Banks for Transmission System Applications.“ This document includes a complete list of equipment, systems and engineering studies necessary to tender a series capacitor bank from a supplier. The format is intended to streamline the design and bid process.

  • Series Capacitor Application Guide Working Group

    Chair: Bruce English, GE Energy Consulting
    Phone: 518-746-5598 / e-mail:

    Co-Chair: Mark McVey, Dominion Virginia Power
    Phone: 804-257-4637 / e-mail:

    This Working Group created the IEEE Guide for the Specification of Fixed Transmission Series Capacitor Banks.

  • Harmonic Filter Working Group

    Chair: Jan Paramalingam, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.
    Phone: 724-779-1637 / e-mail:

    The latest published version of the Guide for Application and Specification of Harmonic Filters is IEEE 1531-2003 R2009. The Working Group has reformed to undertake the next revision of the standard (P1531).This guide addresses the selection of the (1) components, (2) protection, and (3) control of harmonic filters. It does not address the engineering required to establish the proper size and configuration of harmonic filters to achieve desired performance. This document provides guidelines for passive shunt harmonic filters for use on 50 Hz and 60 Hz rated 216 volts and above power systems to reduce harmonic distortion on the system(s). No specific standards exist for harmonic filters, although standards do exist for most of the components that are used in a filter. This guide references standards where they exist and gives typical criteria where appropriate standards do not exist.

  • Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor Working Group

    Chair: Duane Torgerson, Winfield Enterprise, LLC
    Phone: 303-202-3933 / e-mail:

    This Working Group is currently not active. This was a joint Working Group with the High Voltage Power Electronics Stations Subcommittee of the Substations Committee. The Working Group developed IEEE 1534-2002, Recommended Practice for Specifying Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitors. The document addresses issues that consider ratings for TCSC thyristor valve assemblies, capacitors and reactors as well as TCSC control characteristics, protective features, cooling systems, testing, commissioning, training, documentation, operation, and maintenance. Excluded from this document are detailed TCSC modeling considerations.

  • Capacitor Technical Paper Working Group

    Chair: Thomas Grebe, EnerNeX
    Phone: 865-218-4600 / e-mail:

    This Working Group is responsible for the technical review of papers submitted for IEEE publication which are related to the economics, technical design, theoretical and experimental performance, installation, application and service operation of power capacitors.

    The technical papers that are reviewed are published in the IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery. The papers are submitted and reviewed using an on-line paper publication system. For a demonstration of how the paper submittal and review process works, download this Adobe Acrobat tutorial (1.62MB). There is new resource site for IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery (PWRD).

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