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Recent presentations

IEEE PES GM July 2017 (Chicago)


IEEE PES JTCM January 2017 (New Orleans)


IEEE PES GM July 2016 (Boston)


IEEE PES GM July 2015 (Denver)

VVTF Presentations:


P1854 Update Presentation - IEEE JTCM - January 2015


DOE CVR Project - Willoughby - IEEE VVTF Meeting - July 2014



July 09 - P124A - Smart Distribution Guidebook Update



Contribution from IEEE PES Distribution Automation Working Group

Smart Grid for Distribution Systems: The Benefits and Challenges of Distribution Automation (DA)(Draft Version 2) White Paper for NIST


Smart Distirbution Working Group Email Surveys

July 09 - Venkata-SCE Advanced Fault Location, Prediction and Detection for Distribution Systems


DAWG Policies

Policy on Email Surveys of DAWG Members, August 2008


Historical presentations

CIRED Tutorial on Smart Distribution

Working Group Presentations

January 2013 (MEMPHIS)

DMS Task Force:

·          Need for System Model in Optimizing Distribution System Operation ; Xiaoming Feng, ABB

·          2012 Grid Strategy: Distribution Management System ; Jared Green, EPRI


DMS Task Force:

·         Distribution Opeations Training Simulator (DOTS) ; John Sell, Alstom Grid


CIM Technical sessions:

·         USE OF CIM for EDF Distribution Automation; Eric Lambert, Alexandre Queric, EDF R&D

·         CIM Interoperability Challenges; Terry Nielsen, Scott Neumann, UISOL

VVTF Presentations:

·         IEEE PES Volt/Var Control Task Force (VVCTF) Vision and Scope; D.Tom Rizy, Oak Ridge Natl Labs

·         Volt-VAR Control survey in United States and Canada; Herve Delmas, Hydro Quebec

·         Integrated Volt Var Control (IVVC) - Issues for the future; Larry Conrad, Conrad Technical Services

·         Summary of EPRI PQ/ADA Conference & Exposition Volt-VAR Control Workshop; Bob Uluski, EPRI

·         Some Thoughts About Conservation Voltage Reduction; Nokhum Markushevich, Smart Grid Operations Consulting

SDWG Presentations

·         Distribution Automation at Duke Energy; Lee Taylor, Duke Energy

·         Distribution Fault Anticipation Technology; Carl L. Benner, Texas A&M

·         Improving the potential of distribution IEDs for the sake of Smart Distribution applications; Fransisc Zavoda, IREQ


January 2010 (Orlando)

·     Reedy Creek Energy Services - Reliable Magic, Jerry Murphy, Reedy Creek Improvement District

·    Volt-VAR Control Implementation at Hydro Québec Herve Delmas, Hydro Quebec

·     BC Hydro's Voltage and VAR Optimization Program, Cheong Siew and Valentina Dabic, BC Hydro

July 2009 (Calgary)

·        ENMAX DA Update, Dean Craig

·        Using IEC CIM, 61850 standards to build the SmartGrids, Eric Lambert EDF

·        Smart Grid at BC Hydro: Current Status, Tom Gutwin

·        Modeling Distribution Automation System Components Using IEC 61850, Vaibhav Donde ABB

January 2009 (Atlanta)

·        Distribution Automation Initiatives at AEP, Fred Friend

June 2008 (Pittsburgh)

·        Distribution Automation Initiatives at National Grid, John McDaniel

·        Distribution Automation Initiatives at ComEd, Wayne Zessin

•   Distribution Automation Initiative at Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Bok-Nam Ha


January 2008 (San Antonio)

- Application Integration Of Distribution Automation Technologies at Alabama Power Company, G. Larry Clark

-  Distribution Management System for British Columbia Transmission Corporation, Bob Uluski

June 2007 (Tampa)

·        Telecommunication for DA application - Frances Cleveland, Xanthus

·        French Distribution Automation and control roadmap - Olivier Huet. EDF

•   Accurate Fault location applications – Mark McGranaghan, EPRI/Georges Simard, Hydro-Québec

January 2007 (Orlando)

January 2001

Link to previous IEEE / PES meeting presentations

DA Panel Sessions

Panel Session: Advanced Distribution Automation Case Studies

May 2006
Dallas, Texas, USA

·         ·        "Hydro-Quebec's Vision of the Distribution Automation," G. Simard, V. Lavoie, D. Chartrand, Hydro-Quebec

·         ·        "Southern California Edison's Distribution Circuit of the Future," R. Yinger, Southern California Edison

·         ·        "Implementation of a Distributed Control System for Electric Distribution Circuit Reconfiguration," D. Craig, ENMAX Power Corp.; C. Befus, S&C Electric

·         ·        "Feeder and Network Evolution for the Distribution System of the Future," P. Sutherland, T. Short, EPRI Solutions Inc.; F. Goodman, EPRI

·         ·        "Development of Decision Support Tools for Planners and Operators," S. Lee, ConEdison

Panel Session: Advanced Distribution Automation Concepts for Reliability Improvement

June 2005
San Francisco, California, USA

·         ·        "Distribution Vision 2010: Planning for Automation," R. Fanning, R. Huber, We Energies

·         ·        "UK Research Activities on Advanced Distribution Automation," G. Ault, C. Foote, J. McDonald, University of Strathclyde

·         ·        "EPRI Research Plan for Distribution Automation," M. McGranaghan, F. Goodman, EPRI

·         ·        "Application of Distributed Intelligence to Automatic Distribution Reconfiguration for Reliability Improvement," D. Staszesky, S&C Electric Company

·         ·        "Planning and Analysis Tools to Evaluate Distribution Automation Implementation and Benefits," A. Pahwa, Kansas State University

·         ·        "Developing a Specification for Distribution Automation Implementation," J. McDonald, KEMA, Inc.


3rd EPRI ADA Workshop presentations October 2007


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Host presentations:                        Progress Energy                      ABB A Vendor perspective 

Utilities:                                         SCE Smart Grid                     Hydro-Québec Update

Smart Grids Programs:                  Smart Grids mapping               Europe



·         Distributech 2009 Tech Watch Reportwith Contributions from Ilya Glinsky (SCE), Larry Clark (Alabama Power) and Francis Zavoda (Hydro Quebec )

·        Distributech 2008 Tech Watch Reportwith Contributions from Larry Clark ( Alabama Power)

·        Distributech 2007 Tech Watch Reportwith Contributions from F. Zavoda (Hydro Quebec ), Bob Uluski (EnerNex), and Charlie Williams (S&C Electric Company)



•   Accurate Fault location applications– Mark McGranaghan, EPRI/Georges Simard, Hydro-Québec, 2007


Business Cases and Value


·         ·        VALUE OF DISTRIBUTION AUTOMATION APPLICATIONS, for the California Energy Commission, Made by Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc and EPRI Solutions, Inc.; 2007


·         ·        "San Diego Smart grid final study " for the Energy Policy Initiatives Center (University od San Diego School of Law) prepared by Science Application International Corporation ; 2006

Remote controlling of feeder equipment

·         ·        "Hydro-Quebec Justification for Automation Program," G. Simard, D.Chartrand, Hydro-Quebec



References (Intelligent Distribution networks and Roadmaps)


Intelligent Distribution networks

General reports

·         ·        "Profiling and Mapping of Intelligent Grid R&D Program", EPRI, Palo Alto, CA, and EDF R&D, Clamart, France: 2006, 1014600


Utility roadmaps

·         ·       "Hydro-Quebec Distribution Automation Roadmap" G. Simard, D.Chartrand, Hydro-Quebec; 2006

·         ·        French Distribution Automation and control roadmap- Olivier Huet. EDF - 2007

·         ·        "Technology Plan 2005-2025 overview and associated DA Architecture documents" by ENERGEX - Australia, 2007

o    o      "ENERGEX - Network Technology Plan 2005-2025, Executive Summary"

o    o      "ENERGEX - Network Technology Plan 2005-2025, Communication Document"

o    o      "ENERGEX - Network Technology Plan 2005-2025, Glossary"

o    o      "ENERGEX - Precedence Relationships for Fulfilment of Long-Term Reliability Targets"

o    o      "ENERGEX - Distribution System SCADA (DSS), Concept of Operations"

o    o      "ENERGEX - Distribution System SCADA (DSS), Forward Compatibility Requirements for DSA"

·         ·       "DistributionRoadmapInitiative in Manitoba Hydro" K Cheng, Manitoba Hydro; 2007

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