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IEEE Guide

The working group plans to write an IEEE Guide to Conducting Distribution Impact Studies for Distributed Resource Interconnection.

Draft Scope

This guide establishes criteria, scope, and extent for engineering studies of the impact on area electric power systems of distributed resource interconnection.

Draft Purpose

This document recommends a uniform practice for determining the conditions for which engineering studies of the potential impact of a distributed resource interconnection on an area electric power distribution system are appropriate. Study scope and extent are recommended as functions of identifiable characteristics of the distributed resource, the area electric power system, and the interconnection. Criteria are recommended for determining the necessity of impact mitigation. Establishment of this uniform practice allows distributed resource owners, interconnection contractors, area electric power system owners and operators, and regulatory bodies to have defined criteria for when distribution system impact studies are appropriate, how they are performed, and how the study results are evaluated. In the absence of this standardized practice, the necessity and extent of DR interconnection impact studies has been widely contentious and inconsistently defined.

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The working group regularly meets with the IEEE Distribution Subcommittee. See the schedule for the subcommittee's next meetings.

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