IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Committee

IEEE Wind and Solar Plant Collector Design Working Group

  • Serve as a focal point within the Power & Energy Society (PES) for addressing issues related to the design of collector systems for wind plants, including tradeoffs associated with overhead vs. underground lines, grounding, distribution equipment applications, cost and reliability tradeoffs for the unique characteristics of this energy resource, protection, reactive compensation, and SCADA application.
  • Conduct activities to promote the sharing of knowledge and experience among diverse organizations working on similar issues through the conduct of studies, symposia, workshops, paper session, panel sessions, and tutorials.
  • Publish working group papers to document results of working group activities and to share working group positions on issues related to the design of collector systems for wind plants.

  • Working Group Officers:


    Vice Chairman:

    Wayne Dilling
    Electrical Executive - Renewable Energy Groups
    Mortenson Construction
    Phone: (763) 287-5280
    Nestor Castillo
    Senior Electrical Engineer
    GL Garrad Hassan
    Phone: (512) 469-6096 x109
    Grazia Todeschini
    Senior Power Studies Engineer
    Alstom Grid
    Phone: (484) 497-1003 x6177

    Technical Papers:

    Published at PES General in Calgary 2009

    Published at T&D Conference and Exposition in New Orleans 2010

    Published at PES General in Detroit 2011


    Calgary PES General 2009:

    New Orleans T&D Conference and Exposition 2010:

    Detroit PES General 2011:

    Information for Committee Members:


    Task Forces of Working Group:

    Upcoming Meetings:

    Meeting Minutes:

    • May 2011 Meeting in Detroit, MI
    • Internal Website:

        For members (username and password required), contact Wayne Dilling (chairman) for more information. Internal website contains access to draft papers, past minutes, and a list of current members.
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