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  • David A. Keithly, 72, passed away Saturday, March 14, 2015.  He started in 1966 at Allis-Chalmers in West Allis, Wisconsin (which the electrical division became Siemens-Allis).  He then worked 11 years at RTE-ASEA in Waukesha (which later became Magnetek, then Waukesha Electric, etc.), before moving to North Carolina to work for Siemens.  He retired from Siemens in 2008.  Dave was an active participant in the IEEE Transformers Committee, and he and wife Joanne were regular attendees at those meetings.  A memorial service will be held May 9 (Dave's birthday) at 11 am at Grace Lutheran Church in Raleigh.  Obituary
  • The complete minutes for the Fall 2014 meeting in Washington DC Metro Area are now available.  See below for links to minutes.

  • The Transformer Committee P&P Manual is now approved.  For details see the link to the manual below in the Committee Information section.


The AM System is now the Committee's PRIMARY MODE OF COMMUNICATION.  Anyone (even non-members) can join this system!  We encourage you to sign-up and participate!

Learn more: AM System

Fall 2014 Meeting in Washington DC Metro Area

Lincoln Memorial (night time shot by G. Payerle)

(more Washington DC Metro Area Mtg Photos)


TR Committee P&P Manual

TR Committee O&P Manual (2009)

WG Policies & Procedures Manual  updated 08Jul2014

Membership application Form  updated 24Sep2012



SC Org Chart Updated 1Apr2015

Checked box   indicates Unapproved Minutes/Reports for the Spring 2015
San Antonio, Texas meeting are available on Minutes page.


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2015 Spring: April 12-16; San Antonio, Texas, USA

2015 Fall: November 1-5; Memphis, Tennessee, USA



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