IEEE Transformers Committee Fellows

Allan, Dennis J. (Life Fellow)


for contributions to the design and development of power transformers.

Balma, Peter M. (Fellow)


 for leadership in developing technical guides for electric power equipment

Bartnikas, Ray (Life Fellow)


for contributions to the field of dielectric and corona loss mechanisms in electrical insulating systems.

Bartley, William (Life Fellow)


for contributions to the development of generator and transformer standards for life cycle planning and risk assessment

Degeneff, Robert C. (Life Fellow)


for contributions to the modeling and computation of transient voltages in transformer windings

Girgis, Ramsis S. (Life Fellow)


for contributions to reductions in the losses of large power transformers

Harlow, James H. Harlow (Life Fellow)


for leadership in IEEE technical and standardization committees on transformer technology

Hoffman, Gary (Fellow)

for leadership in the advancement of monitoring systems for power transformers and power line protection

Hopkinson, Philip John (Life Fellow)


for contributions to the reliability of distribution transformers and the development of related standards for testing and application

Kennedy, Sheldon (Life Fellow)


for leadership in the technology and standards for rectifier, inverter and harmonic-mitigating transformers

McNutt, William J. (Life Fellow)


for contributions to the design of power transformers ad standardization of test procedures

Moore, Harold R. (Life Fellow)


for leadership in the development, design, and application of power transformers and associated equipment

Pierce, Linden W. (Life Fellow)


for contributions to the understanding of heat transfer and loading of liquid-immersed and dry type power and distribution transformers

Veitch, Robert A. (Life Fellow)


for leadership in the development and design of very large and extra high voltage transformers, shunt reactors and associated equipment

Wagenaar, Loren B. (Life Fellow)


for contributions to transformer and bushing test standards and specifications

Yannucci, Dean A. (Life Fellow)


for leadership in the development and manufacture of large power transformers

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