Patent Disclosure Requirements

All participants at the Transformer Committee meeting have certain obligations under the IEEE-SA Patent Policy.  Participants shall inform the IEEE of the identity of each “holder of any potential Essential Patent Claims of which they are personally aware” if the claims are owned or controlled by the participant or the entity the participant is from, employed by, or otherwise represents.  

“Personal awareness” means that the participant “is personally aware that the holder may have a potential Essential Patent Claim” even if the participant is not personally aware of the specific patents or patent claims.

Anyone registering for these meetings that is personally aware of the holder of any patent claims that are potentially essential to the implementation of any of the proposed standard(s) under consideration by any task Force, Working Group or Subcommittee that they will be participating in, that are not already the subject of an “Accepted Letter of Assurance”, are encouraged to disclose this information.

If you are unsure after reading the above statements, please refer to for more information on the IEEE policy and for Patent Slides, Policy Tutorials, Letters of Assurances, and more, or to for records of IEEE Standard Related-Patents.

TR Committee Patent Slides for use during TF, WG, or SC meetings.

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