Fall 2003, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Meeting Tutorials/Presentations

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The following presentations were presented at the Fall 2003 meeting:

FRA Presentation (all of the below listed FRA presentations): (784B)

FRA acceptance tests on Power Transformers and Reactors (Shipping Configuration)

Tuesday, October 7

presented by Fred Elliott, BPA

Comparison Natural Frequency Test with FRA

presented by Bipin Patel and Ernst Hanique

Power System Over-voltage Requirements and Their Impact on Transformer Design

Panel Discussion, Monday, October 6

presented by Donald Chu, Ramsis Girgis, Harold Moore, Bipin Patel, and Gustav Preininger

(Abstract & Outline  updated 10/1/03)

Presentations (PowerPoint Shows):

Presentation 1:  (896kB) updated incorrect slide 11/04/2004, and Presentation 2: (12kB)

Influence of System Parameters on Core Overexcitation, by Gustav Preininger

Influence of Core Overexcitation on Core Design, by Ramsis Girgisr

Southern Company - System Requirements Related to Overexcitation, by Bipin Patel

Consolidated Edison Co. of NY - System Requirements Related to Overexcitation,by Don Chu

Overview on Overexcitation and Recommendations, by Harold Moore

Winding Temperature Measurement: Techniques, Devices and Operation

Panel Discussion, Monday, October 6

presented by Andreas Garnitschnig, Phil McClure, Lenny Shaver, Mark Teetsel and Robert Thompson

(Abstract  )

Presentation:  (2.3MB)

IEEE Bushing Standard C57.19.01-2000 Bushing Rating and Dimensional Simplifications
Included in the New Standard

Presentation, Tuesday, Tuesday, October 7

presented by Fred Elliott, Mark Rivers, and Loren Wagenaar

(Abstract )

Presentation (249kB)

Presentation with audio (zip file 69 MB)

Ester-based Transformer Fluids

Panel Discussion, Tuesday, October 7

presented by Patrick McShane, T. V. Oommen, and Charles Tanger

(Abstract )

Presentation (1.07MB)

Presentation with audio (zip file 181 MB)

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