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Tutorials & Presentations at meetings - Listing of all Tutorials/Presentations since Fall 2001

Spring 2014 - Savannah, Georgia

Fall 2013 - St. Louis, Missouri

Spring 2013 - Munich, Germany

Fall 2012 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Spring 2012 - Nashville, Tennessee

Fall 2011 - Boston Massachusetts

Spring 2011 - San Diego, California

Fall 2010 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Spring 2010 - Houston, Texas

Fall 2009 - Lombard, Illinois

Spring 2009 - Miami, Florida

Fall 2008 - Porto, Portugal

Spring 2008 - Charlotte, North Carolina

Fall 2007 - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Spring 2007 - Dallas, Texas

Fall 2006 - Montréal, Québec

Spring 2006 - Costa Mesa, CA

Fall 2005 - Memphis, Tennessee

Spring 2005 - Jackson, Mississippi 

Fall 2004 - Las Vegas, Nevada  

Spring 2004 - San Diego, California  

Fall 2003 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  

Spring 2003 - Raleigh, North Carolina  

Fall 2002 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  

Spring 2002 - Vancouver, British Columbia  

Fall 2001 - Orlando  

Spring 2001 - Amsterdam  


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