Spring 2002, Vancouver

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LTC Diagnostics 


Presentation: Part 1: (2.86MB)  Part 2: (634kB)

  • "LTC Diagnostics, Failure Modes in LTCs" by Fredi Jakob

  • "Classification of Load Tap Changers in Regards to Dissolved Gas Analysis" by  Dr. Dieter Dohnal 

  • "Novel Diagnostics for On-Load Tap Changers (OLTCs) Based on Gas-in-Oil (DGA) and Additional Oil Quality Data" by Hans Schellhase 

  • "Using Fluid Analysis to Assess LTC Condition" by Dave Hanson

"Different Aspects of Frequency Response Analysis" 


Presentation  (983kB)

  • "Experience with Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) Measurements" by Charles Sweester

  • "A New Objective Method for Transformer Frequency Response Analysis to Determine Winding Deformation Without the use of  Historical Data" by Larry Coffeen

"50Hz to 60 Hz Conversion Factors for Transformer Performance Parameters" by Ed G. Tenyenhuis & Ramsis Girgis


Presentation  (160kB)

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