Working Group for C57.100

Thermal Evaluation of Power and Distribution Transformers


This standard provides test procedures to evaluate the thermal aging characteristics of insulation systems used in liquid-immersed distribution or power transformers. The dielectric liquid is part of the insulation system. The test procedure shall simulate practical service conditions of the insulation system, with the main emphasis on the thermal aging of materials in the candidate insulation system as compared to a conventional insulation system.

Insulation Life Subcommittee Chair:

Bruce Forsyth

Southwest Electric Company

Oklahoma City, OK 


Phone: (405) 622-8816


C57.100 Working Group Chair:

Roger Wicks


5401 Jefferson Davis Highway

Richmond, VA 23234


Phone: (804) 383 -3300

Fax: (804) 383 -2009


C57.100 Working Group Secretary:

Tom Prevost

EHV Weidmann

One Gordon Mills Way

St. Johnsbury, VT 05819


Phone: (802) 751 -3458

Fax: (802) 748 -8029


Status/WG Documents:

  • C57.100 Draft 1  Posted 24Oct2009 (password required to access.)

  • WG Minutes

Fall 2009 Unapproved WG Minutes  Posted 05Oct2009

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