Working Group for C57.12.90 Clause 11.0 - Temperature Rise Test

Insulation Life Subcommittee Chair:

Bruce Forsyth

Southwest Electric Company

Oklahoma City, OK 


Phone: (405) 622-8816


C57.91 Working Group Chair:

Paulette Payne Powell


Phone: (410) 245-8473


C57.91 Working Group Vice-Chair:

Juan Castellanos

Prolec GE

Phone: 52-818-030-2231

E-Mail: .

C57.91 Working Group Secretary:

Marnie Roussell


Phone: (504) 463-7316


Status/WG Documents:

Fall 2013 Clause Final Loading Back Proposal   posted 15Oct2013

Spring 2013 Minutes - Unapproved   posted 29May2013

Fall 2012 Clause 11.1 Final Proposal   posted 26Jan2013

Fall 2012 Clause 11.2.2 Final Proposal   posted 26Jan2013

Fall 2012 Poulin comments   posted 15Oct2012

Fall 2012 Clause - Poulin Proposed Loading back method   posted 15Oct2012

Previous Meeting Documents:

Ballot Survey Summary 11.1 and   posted 05Oct2011

Ballot Survey 11.2.2 Summary - July 6, 2011   posted 31Aug2011

Straw Ballot e-mail  posted 10Mar2010

C57.12.90 Clause 11.2.2 Final Draft   updated 04Mar2010

Fall 2009 Presentation by B. Poulin  posted 23Oct2009

Fall 2009 Paper by B. Poulin  posted 23Oct2009

Fall 2009 Presentation by S. Som  posted 25Oct2009

Presentation by Roizman & Davydov  posted 2Jul2009

Hot Resistance Case Studies  posted 4Apr2009

Snyder Cooling Curve Data  posted 4Apr2009

Snyder 10 minute Cooling Curve Data  posted 4Apr2009

Thermal BLUME  posted 4Apr2009

Fortin Transformer coil average temperature  Updated 22Apr2009

Fall 2006 Presentation, "Comparison of Thermal Test Data"  posted 16Oct2006

Hot resistance measurements on a GSU - by Mark Perkins  posted 2Oct2007

Hasse Nordman's presentation for the meeting, Average Oil Temperature in Distribution Transformers  posted 2Oct2007

Thermal Calculations - BLUME Method  (2.6MB) posted 21Apr2006

Hot Resistance - Heat Run Procedure  posted 24Apr2006

C57.12.90 Clause 11 proposal  posted 3Mar2006

Average Oil Temperature Rise in Distribution Transformers Without an External Oil Circulation, by Hasse Nordman

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