WG PC57.159
Guide on Transformers for Distributed Photovoltaic (DPV) Power Generation Systems

Performance Subcommittee Chairman:

Ed teNyenhuis

Technical Manager


Brampton, ON, Canada

Phone: (905) 460-3210

E-Mail: edt@ieee.org

C57.159 WG Chair:

Hemchandra M. Shertukde


C57.159 WG Vice-Chair:

Mathieu Sauzay


C57.159 WG Secretary:

Aleksandr Levin

E-Mail: Aleksandr.Levin@wicor.com


WG Status and documents:

Fall 2014 WG Meeting Minutes - Unapproved   posted 31Oct2014

PC57.159 Draft 3  posted 29Sep2014 Committee Password required

Presentation - GE Tutorial on PV Transformers   posted 17Sep2013, SPECIAL PASSWORD REQUIRED!  Contact the WG Chair for access.

Presentation - Transformers for Application in DPV Systems   posted 28Aug2013, SPECIAL PASSWORD REQUIRED!  Contact the WG Chair for access.

NESCOM PAR Request   posted 16Nov2012

C57.159 Chapters Matrix  posted 16Nov2012

Previous Meeting Discussions/Issues

Fall 2011 Position Paper  posted 23Nov2011, password required to access

IEEE Std. 929 Annex E & F  posted 19Apr2009, password required to access

IEC 60076-16 Ed.1 posted 21Mar2011, special password required to access

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