Audible Sound  Working Groups and Task Forces


  • Study and review engineering aspects of the requirements and methods of measurements (testing) of matters relating to audible sound and vibration of products within the scope of the transformers Committee;
  • Develop and maintain related standards, recommended practices and guides for such criteria;
  • Coordinate with other technical committees, groups, societies and associations as required.

    Sound Intensity Measurements Paper Part I  Posted 24Mar2009

    Sound Intensity Measurements Paper Part II  Posted 24Mar2009

Performance Subcommittee Chair:

Ed teNyenhuis

Technical Manager


Brampton, ON, Canada

Phone: (905) 460-3210


Active Audible Sound WGs and TFs

  • C57.12.90 Section 13 Sound Level Measurement TF

Chair: Ramsis Girgis

Spring 2015 TF Minutes posted 27Apr2015

Inactive Audible Sound WGs and TFs

  • WG C57.136, Guide for Sound Level Abatement and Determination for Liquid-Immersed Power Transformers and Shunt Reactors Rated over 500 kVA

Chair: Alan Darwin

  • WG PC57.151, Sound Level Measurement Guide for Liquid Filled and Dry Type Transformers and Reactors Sound Level Measurement Guide

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