PC57.125 WG

Revision of the Guide for Failure Investigation, Documentation, Analysis and Reporting for Power Transformers and Shunt Reactors

Power Transformers Subcommittee Chair:

Joe Watson

ZTZ Services, Inc.


Phone: (561) 371-9138

E-Mail: joe_watson@ieee.org



C57.125 Working Group Chair:

Wallace B. Binder

WBBinder Consultant

New Castle, PA


Phone: (724) 654-3839

E-Mail: wbbinder@ieee.org

C57.125 Working Group Vice Chair:

Tom Melle

Sales Engineer Consultant


Phone: (919) 917-8157

E-Mail: trmelle@ncsu.edu

C57.125 Working Group Secretary:

John Roach

The Hartford Steam Boiler Company

Hartford, CT


Phone: (860) 722-5125

E-Mail: John_Roach@hsb.com


Cigré A2 45~5th meeting (Manchester) MoM Posted 23Mar2015

Transformer Failure Project-A Doble Presentation for IEEE Posted 23Mar2015

Fall 2014 Minutes Updated 08Sep2015

C57.125 Draft 5.1 With Markups from D5  Posted 04Mar2014  (Password required to access)

C57.125 Draft 5 Posted 09Oct2013  (Password required to access)


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