C57.93 WG

Revision of IEEE Guide for Installation and
Maintenance of Liquid-Immersed Power Transformers

Power Transformers Subcommittee Chair:

Bill Griesacker

Phone: 617-393-3074

E-Mail: bgriesacker@doble.com



C57.93 Working Group Chair:

Mike Lau

Phone: (604) 224-9343

E-Mail: jmike.lau@wicor.com

C57.93 Working Group Secretary:

Scott Reed

Phone: (304) 280-2864

E-Mail: sreed@mvadiagnostics.com



Fall 2018 - C57.93 Agenda 1Oct018

C57.93 Draft 1.3 8Mar2016

Previous Meeting Documents

Fall 2014 - C57.93 D1 Comments 22Oct2014

Spring 2014 Comparison 11Mar2014

Fall 2013 Comparison 11Mar2014

C57.150 vs. C57.93 Comparison 08Oct2013

Comment Summary 08Oct2013

C57.93-2007 Special Password Rqrd.

Doble Field Processing Guide  Special Password required

Fall 2012 NE Fluid Installation Experiences: 

Presentation w/o video (2MB) 01Nov2012

Presentation w/video (15.4MB) 01Nov2012

Fall 2012 Doble Field Processing Presentation  29Oct2012

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