WG for the Continuous Revision of C57.12.90

Standards Subcommittee Chair:

William Bartley


Newington, CT

Phone:  (860) 205-0803

E-Mail:  whbartley@gmail.com

C57.12.90 Working Group Chair:

Chair: Stephen Antosz

President - Stephen Antosz & Associates, Inc.

Transformer Consulting Services

204 Parkridge Place

South Park, PA 15129


E-Mail: santosz@ieee.org


Fall 2014 WG Minutes posted 10Apr2015

Spring 2015 Editorial Comments posted 10Apr2015

Spring 2015 Non-Editorial Comments posted 10Apr2015

Documents for inclusion in the next revision:

Impulse Modifications posted 12Jun2011

Spring 2011 WG Minutes posted 12Jun2011

Clause 10.2.5  posted 27Apr2009 

Riffon E-mail - RE Clause 10.2.5  posted 27Apr2009 

Tap Position Rev. 4  posted 4Apr2011

Short circuit test code TF D7 clause 12 and annex xx for survey  posted 4Apr2011

Short circuit test code TF D8 clause 12 and annex xx  posted 4Apr2011

Survey comments compilation  posted 4Apr2011

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