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IEEE Std 1076.1-2017 has been published


As mentioned in my email dated 10/1/2017, the balloted and approved draft of IEEE Std 1076.1™-2017 had to undergo editing by the IEEE-SA Standards Publications Department to get it ready for publication. This work has been completed, and the revised standard is now available as follows:
In addition, given that IEEE Std 1076.1.1-2011 has been included in its entirety in IEEE Std 1076.1-2017, the former will be marked as superseded. That is, its state will be the same as that of IEEE Std 1076.1-2007. This activity has been put in motion, but is not completed yet.

Now that this milestone has been reached, the Working Group will enter maintenance mode. There will be no regular meetings, but the members of the WG will be available to answer questions about IEEE Std 1076.1-2017, its content and its interpretation. IEEE Std 1076.1-2017 will remain active for 10 years, until 2027. In due time, after the current revision of IEEE Std 1076-2008 has been completed, the P1076.1 WG will have to start a new revision cycle to keep the standard active after that date.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who contributed to the revision and approval of IEEE Std 1076.1-2017. Special thanks go to the WG Officers Zhichao Deng (Vice-Chair) and Joachim Haase (Secretary) for their efforts, technical and administrative, and in particular to our editor Alain Vachoux, who spent uncounted hours of diligent work to review the language changes and get them integrated into the document source, including some late extra effort to update cross references that were lost in the IEEE-SA publishing process.

Ernst Christen
Chair, IEEE P1076.1 Working Group