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Resending this again as it bounced back on Fri.


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Subject: 1149.1 INITIALIZE Sub-group Meeting Minutes 02/05/10



John Braden

CJ Clark

Dave Dubberke

Roland Latvala

Adam Ley

Ken Parker

Carol Pyron

Francisco Russi

SivaKumar V.


At the end of the meeting, we agreed to start sending the minutes of these meetings to 1149.1 email reflector.


The meeting focused on discussions for possible side file formats. Ken discussed the basic SVF SDR statement which is a Hex string. Hex would present a few issues as INIT_DATA registers may not be modulo 4 long. But a similar, simplistic format could be done with either hex or binary options.


Carol and other attendees do like to be able to use subfields and mnemonics. CJ Clark presented mnemonics as a BSDL extension and then review possibly basing the side-file on a lower level of 1687 proposed procedural descriptions using iWrite / iApply, etc. statements.


Francisco had a STIL based option ready for discussion, but we did not have a chance to discuss. This will be covered next week.


We did get into a brief discussion of what was the usage model for the side-file. Carol said side file info (or in BSDL) from IC vendors could have subfield definitions but most often would not provide actual data. In a "template" or sample side-file, string fields might be X since the settings or board design specific. Ken volunteered to write-up a discussion of the side file use model. He has sent this out in a separate email.


Emails from Francisco and Ken are attached for the larger audience.