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Meeting started at 5.30pm in room 207D Charlotte Convention Center.

Adam Osseiran presented the agenda briefly.

Adam Cron presented the Editing corrections:

      The following changes to the 1149.4-1999 Standard document are either proposed or need attention from other members of the Working Group.  At ITC, we can vote on these changes and make them happen shortly thereafter.

      1) Page iii:  determine whether “This standard was approved…” is a valid statement inserted by the IEEE editorial staff.  This is an approved addition, according to Adam Ley.

      2) Page iii:  Fix the “members of the working group” list and “following individuals”.  I would like this list fixed and approved at the ITC meeting.  Adam O. has the action to review this list.

      3) Page 25, section 6.2.2:  Description of TBIC needs to change “- To the internal…” to “In addition, this switching structure allows the internal analog bus lines to be connected to the internal…”  Approved.

      4) Page 63, section 9.4.1g):  Change “1kohm” to “10ohm”.  Steve Sunter to research.

      5) Page 69 and 70:  Swap the graphics for figures 48 and 49.  Should figure 48 (old figure 49) change 1kohm resistor to 10ohm resistor???  Steve Sunter to research.

      6) Page 74, Section 10.2.1, “—” bullet list, bullet 2 and 5:  change “mode” to “node” (3 places).  Approved.

      7) Page 75, Table 11:  Add row 10 and 11 as follows:
| Pathway | "From" | Switches   | "To" | Operating   |
|         | pin    | in pathway | pin  | conditions  |
| 10      | AT1    | S5(TBIC)   | AT2  | Calibration |
|         |        | S8(TBIC)   |      |
??????????? |
| 11      | AT2    | S6(TBIC)   | AT1  | Calibration |
|         |        | S7(TBIC)   |      |
??????????? |

Need filler for ???, above, in table.

      8) Page 76, 10.2.2f:  Add 8) ??? having to do with Vg and paths in calibration mode, I think.  Steve Sunter to research.

      9) Page 76, 10.2.2f:  Add 9) ??? having to do with Vg and paths in calibration mode, I think.  Steve Sunter to research.

I need help with the “???”, above for items 5, 7, 8, and 9.

      We should add:

“ Permissions
a) An ABM may be added for pins not categorized as analog.”

Do we need to add some descriptive material for this item?


Permission allows digital pins to be equipped with ABM resources.  This feature could provide these pins with the ability to do VOH/VOL and VIH/VIL testing in low-pincount test environments.  Other novel techniques might be applied, as well, with the addition of these resources.


·          Adam will need any changes to the document that correspond to IEEE1149.1-2001 changes.  For example:

      10) Page i, others:  Change “IEEE Std 1149.1-1990” to “IEEE Std 1149.1-2001”.

      11) Page 5, section 1.4:  Update references.

      12) Page 5, section 2:  Update references.

      13) Page 6, Note at top of page:  Delete.

      14) Page 15, section 5.1.2:  Change “SAMPLE/PRELOAD” to “SAMPLE, PRELOAD”.

      15) Page 17, section 5.3.2:  Change “SAMPLE/PRELOAD” to “SAMPLE and PRELOAD”.

      16) Page 17, section 5.3.2a, b, c: Change “SAMPLE/PRELOAD” to “SAMPLE or PRELOAD”.

      17) Page 17, section, 1st paragraph:  Change “This instruction has two functions.  The first (SAMPLE) is to use the…” to “SAMPLE uses the…”.

      18) Page 17, section, 2nd paragraph:  Change “SAMPLE/PRELOAD” to ”SAMPLE and PRELOAD”.

      19) Page 17, section, 3rd paragraph:  Change “The second function of this instruction (PRELOAD) is to allow an…” to “PRELOAD allows an…”

      20) Page 17, section, NOTE:  Delete.

      21) Page 18, section  Change “The EXTEST instruction shall be represented by the all 0s code, but may also be represented by other code(s).” to “It is suggested that the EXTEST instruction not be represented by the all 0s code, but may be represented by other code(s).”  Just delete the note.

      22) Page 18, section, NOTE:  Change “Because it is mandatory for the all 0s code to represent EXTEST, a…” to “If the all 0s code is chosen to represent EXTEST, a…”  Just delete the note.

      23) Page 18, section, NOTE:  Change “SAMPLE/PRELOAD” to “SAMPLE,PRELOAD, “.

      24) Page 18, section, NOTE:  Change “The PRELOAD phase of the SAMPLE/PRELOAD instruction…” to “The PRELOAD instruction...”.

      25) Page 18, section, NOTE:  Change “The PRELOAD phase of the SAMPLE/PRELOAD instruction…” to “The PRELOAD instruction...”.

      26) Page 18, section, NOTE:  Change “The PRELOAD phase of the SAMPLE/PRELOAD instruction…” to “The PRELOAD instruction...”.

      27) Page 23, section  Change “... the PRELOAD phase of the SAMPLE/PRELOAD instruction.” to “... the PRELOAD instruction.”.

      28) Page 26, P0 bullet:  Change “SAMPLE/PRELOAD” to “SAMPLE, PRELOAD”.

      29) Page 27, Table 1:  Change “SAMPLE/PRELOAD” to “SAMPLE, PRELOAD”.

      30) Page 28, NOTE 2:  Change “SAMPLE/PRELOAD” to “SAMPLE, PRELOAD”.

      31) Page 30, NOTE:  Change “SAMPLE/PRELOAD” to “SAMPLE, PRELOAD”.

      32) Page 45, NOTE 4:  Change “SAMPLE/PRELOAD” to “SAMPLE, PRELOAD”.

      33) Page 47, NOTE below Table 9:  Change “SAMPLE/PRELOAD” to “SAMPLE, PRELOAD”.

      Any other proposals?


Other notes from the meeting:

-         SAMPLE/PRELOAD: Action Item for Adam Ley to check changes to SAMPLE and/or PRELOAD in dot4 Std document and in dot1 document

-         EXTEST is mandatory in dot1

-         Keith Lofstrom to check the Rcom issue

-         Multiple hierarchical switches

Adam Cron presented the BSDL straw-dog proposal from 1999.  The following web page begins the complete and original straw-dog proposal presented by John McDermid:

You will see TWO entries in the agenda for John McDermid.

Action Item for Ken Parker: to work on a parser for users to check new ABSDL (on the website as for dot1).

Action Item for Adam Ley, Heiko Ehrenberg, Bambang Suparjo, Karla Man, Pete Collins: To work on the strawdog proposal to validate the ABSDL existing data developed by John McDermid and Ken Parker. A deadline has been fixed for before End of 2004.

Adam Osseiran announced (for information) the intent of the dot4 working group to work towards a study group in collaboration with the P1500 and 1450.6 groups to add mixed signal based on the dot4 development to the Core testing and CTL.

Meeting adjourned at 8.45pm.