1149.4 working group meeting                                               Oct 28, 2001

Meeting came to order at about 8:40am, and attendees identified themselves



Adam Cron                  Synopsys                                             a.cron@ieee.org

Ken Parker                  Agilent                                                  kenneth_parker@agilent.com

Steve Sunter                 LogicVision                                          sunter@logicvision.com

Adam Ley                    ASSET InterTech                                  aley@asset-intertech.com

Frans de Jong               Philips                                                  frans.de.jong@philips.com

Bill Aronson                 National Semiconductor             bill.aronson@nsc.com

Jeff Butler                     National Semiconductor             jeff.butler@nsc.com

Bob Russell                  EMC                                                    russell_rj@cmc.com

Ted Eaton                    Cisco                                                   teaton@cisco.com

Bill Eklow                     Cisco                                                   beklow@cisco.com

Jim Monzel                   IBM                                                     jmonzel@us.ibm.com

Ad van de Goor    Delft University of Technology            a.j.vandegoor@its.tudelft.nl

John Braden                 Sun Microsystems                           j.braden@ieee.org


Minutes from ITC’00 WG meeting accepted unanimously – they are on the dot4 web-site.


Steve Sunter – Status of the National Semiconductor (NSC) chip



Adam Cron – Tutorial development


A 2-day class was proposed by Adam Osseiran prior to the meeting, as follows

            Intro to Bscan (1149.1)                                                Adam Cron

            Mixed-signal Bscan (1149.4)                                               Mani Soma

            System Test Methodologies                                      Steve Sunter

            Structural Test and Implementation Examples            John McDermid/Steve Sunter




Review of Draft – Adam Cron



Adjourned, unanimously at 11:00am


In unofficial discussion after the adjournment: