P1450.AMS: Extensions to STIL for Analog and Mixed Signal Specification

This page reflects the current effort on P1450.AMS

Please refer to the Main Page for a overview of the STIL effort and on-going activities for this effort. The Executive Overview is a good place to understand the intent of this effort.

The Project Authorization Request - PAR (HTML, PDF) for P1450.AMS defines the scope of this part of the STIL project.

The chairman for this working group is Jean-Louis Carbonero who is leading the effort in Europe. Sub working groups are also being formed in the US and Asia. Coordination between the STIL working groups and the IEEE will be facilitated by Tony Taylor. Contact either of the above to participate.

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Working group meetings, times, dial-ins still to be determined.

proposals and working documents (some password-protected)
Name Link Date
Notes from VTS 2005 meeting VTS-2005.pdf 11 July 2005

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