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IEEE std 1500 Working Group members respond users questions and discuss on users' implementations compliancy.

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  IEEE std 1500 - Working Group
IEEE std 1500 Working Group

The IEEE 1500 Working Group was approved in 1997 with the charter to develop a standard test method for integrated circuits (ICs) containing embedded cores, i.e., reusable megacells. Task Forces have regular meetings, either face-to-face or via conference calls. If you are interested in contributing to the technical work done by the Task Forces, please contact their respective chair persons.

Currently, the Embedded Core Test Working Group has the following membership.

Yervant Zorian, Chair
Karim Arabi, Vice Chair, Compliance Definition
Francisco da Silva, Vice Chair, Edition
Lee Whetsel, Vice Chair, Scalable Architecture
Sudipta Bhawmik, Secretary

Luis Basto Dwayne Burek
Wu-Tung Cheng
Vivek Chickermane
Mike Collins
Bulent Dervisoglu
Jason Doege
Grady Giles
Alan Hales
Rohit Kapur
Brion Keller
Mike Mateja
Erik Jan Marinissen
Teresa McLaurin
Fidel Muradali
Mike Ricchetti
Paul Soong
Jon Udell
Tom Waayers

For further information:
IEEE std 1500 Chair Yervant Zorian
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