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IEEE std 1500

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Questions & Answers

IEEE std 1500 Working Group members respond users questions and discuss on users' implementations compliancy.

Address your questions to the IEEE std 1500
Working Group

  IEEE std 1500 - Users
The following is a list of IEEE std 1500 users, organized in:
  • Core suppliers adopting IEEE std 1500 compliant solutions
  • EDA tool providers developing std 1500 oriented tools
  • Academic research groups investigating the IEEE std 1500 perspectives
The list may include a reference person for each cited company or istitution. For users addings submit a request to the IEEE std 1500 Working Group

   Core suppliers
ARM Teresa McLaurin
AGERE Systems Sudipta Bhawmik
AMD Grady Giles
ATI Mike Richetti
Freescale Semiconductors Raj Raina
NXP Tom Waayers
PMC-Sierra Karim Arabi
STMicroelectronic Davide Appello
Texas Instruments Alan Hales

   EDA tool providers
cadence Bulent Devisoglu
Globetech Ann Germany
LOGIC VISION Jean-François Côté
Mentor Graphics
Virage Logic Yervant Zorian

   Academic research groups
Chinese University of Hong Kong, CIN Qiang Xu
Duke University, US Krishnendu Chakrabarty
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, BR Marcelo Lubaszewski
Linköping University, S Erik Larsson
McMaster University, CND Nicola Nicolici
Nara Institute of Science and Technology, J Hideo Fujiwara
Politecnico di Torino, I Paolo Bernardi
University of California, US Rajesh K. Gupta
University of British Columbia, CND Andre Ivanov
Universitat Siegen, D Michael G. Wahl

IEEE std 1500 Chair
Yervant Zorian
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