IEEE 1722-2016 has been published and is available at

IEEE 1722-2016 defines encapsulations for a variety of media formats and associated synchronization mechanisms

The P1722 working group is currently accepting contributions for new work items. Please send any contributions to the email reflector.

For questions on the IEEE P1722 Working Group, contact the Working Group Chair, Dave Olsen.

The P1722 Working Group Vice-Chair is Gordon Bechtel.

The P1722 Working Group Editors are Don Pannell.

The IEEE P1722.1 Working Group is defining an upper layer Discovery, Enumeration, Connection and Control standard

For questions on the IEEE P1722.1 Working Group, contact the Working Group Chair, Richard Bugg.


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Meeting Information

P1722 working group holds weekly phone conferences on Tuesday at 9:00am Pacific time.

Online: WebEx

Phone: Global Phone Numbers

The IEEE P1722 and P1722.1 Working Groups will hold a face-to-face meeting on TBA.

Meetings will be located at:

None Scheduled


Please RSVP to, Dave Olsen

Send requests for p1722 presentation time to David Olsen
Send requests for p1722.1 presentation time to Ashley Butterworth


More information on Audio/Video Bridging (AVB) and time-sensitive networking can be found at the TSN Task Group website. AVB/TSN Working Group website.

IEEE Patent Policy

IEEE Patent Policies for required committee use in .pdf and .ppt formats.

The P1722 Working Group Policies and Procedures can be found here.