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Aerial Network Communications (COM/SDB/AerialNetworks)

This project is sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society/Standards Development Board (COM/SDB)

  Title: Standard for Aerial Communications and Networking Standards

Scope:   This standard defines air-to-air communications for self-organized ad hoc aerial networks. The communications and networking
standards are independent of the type of network (Wireless or Cellular or other) and are applicable to manned and unmanned, small and large,
and civil and commercial aircraft systems.

  Purpose:   This standard enhances the situational awareness of aircraft to communicate in an ad hoc aerial network.

Need for the Project: As unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are being integrated into the National Airspace (NAS) around the world, there
is a need for enhanced situational awareness of manned and unmanned aircraft systems. As of now, there are no standards available for
air-to-air communications and aerial networking. However, stakeholders agree on the need and benefits of aerial networks. The need for
self-rganized aerial networks in increasing the situational awareness of aircraft systems is also discussed in a working paper titled "Use of
Self-organizing Airborne Networks to Monitor Commercial Aircraft Globally" presented in a recent meeting of the International Civil Aviation
Organization (http://www.icao.int/Meetings/GTM/Documents/WP.10.Russian.Use%20of%20self%20organizing%20airborne%20networks.Revised.pdf).

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