September 2010, 802.11 20th Anniversary Celebration Photographs

Thank you to Richard Kennedy for taking these photos.

See document 11-10/1069r1 which was the presentation from the three (current and former) 802.11 chairs.   These photos were taken during that presentation and subsequent floor session.   A group photo was taken on the steps of the Waikoloa Hilton after this.

(Click on a photo below to see the original full-size version.)

Bruce Kraemer (current 802.11 chair, former TGn chair, current member of IEEE RevCom) introduces the topic
The front table:
Stephen McCann (secretary)
Stuary Kerry (2nd 802.11 chair)
Vic Hayes (original 802.11 chair)
Bruce Kraemer (current 802.11 chair)
Adrian Stephens (802.11 vice chair)
Vic Hayes addresses the members
Stuart Kerry says his piece
A commemorative  mouse-pad was given to members in attendance
Seems like they're still getting on well
Comments from the floor
Peter Ecclesine (former TGy chair, current WG technical editor)
Geoffrey Thompson (802.23 chair)
Peter must have cracked a joke
Geoff Thompson
The front table listen dilligently
Adrian Stephens (802.11 vice chair,  ANA,  technical editor and former TGn editor) at the microphone.  I ask you, would you buy a used standard from this guy?
Bob Heile (chair 802.15 and early member of 802.11) reminisces
Harry Worstell (former chair of TGk, former 802.11 vice chair) reflects
Clint Chaplin (former chair of TGr and member of IEEE RevCom)
Jon Rosdahl (current 802.11 vice chair, former HT SG chair, current IEEE NesCom member, former IEEE RevCom member) probably telling a tall story.
On the steps.  Now where did Vic go?
On the steps,  Rich makes a dash into the frame.
We had our cake,  and some of us ate it too.

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