Our September 2002 meeting was held at the Hyatt Regency Monterey, Monterey, California, USA.

At the start of the meeting, the voting membership of 802.11 was 388 voting members. There were 280 people present at the (joint) opening plenary session, with 23 new participants.

The following Letter Ballots closed in the weeks preceding this meeting.

  • Task Group G conducted Letter Ballot 41 on P802.11g-D3.0, which closed September 1st. It passed with 80.3% approval.
  • Task Group H conducted Recirculation Ballot 42 on P802.11h-D2.1, which closed September 1st. It passed with 89.7% approval. 
  • New Letter Ballots:
  • To support the 4.9GHz frequency allocation in Japan, the working group approved a motion  "to issue a 15 day IEEE 802.11 Working group letter ballot within one week after the close of the September 2002 interim session. The letter ballot shall include a motion to approve PAR (11-02-564r1) and five criteria (11-02-565r0) and if approved, forward them by October 11, 2002, to LMSC ExCom for task group approval at the November 2002 IEEE 802 Plenary”. This motion passed 78 : 0 : 1, and Letter Ballot 43 was opened on September 25th.
  • Continuing the joint work in Bluetooth Coexistence with 802.15.2, the working group approved a motion "to submit draft 802.15.2-D06 with the amended changes to a 15 day recirculation ballot, to complete before the November 2002 Plenary.". The vote was 72 : 0 : 3.
  • The following 15 day Letter Ballots were approved on behalf of Task Groups.  They are not ballots on drafts, but instead ask the body to approve the issuance of ballots to approve drafts which were not available at the September meeting.
  • TGg presented a WG motion to conduct a 15 day letter ballot to approve the issuing of a recirculation ballot on 802.11g-D4.0. It passed 104:0:1.
  • TGh presented a WG motion to conduct a 15 day letter ballot to approve the issuing of a recirculation ballot on 802.11h-D2.2. It passed 105:0:3.
  • Other WG activities: The reports for the individual task groups are linked below:
  • Project 802.11e,  MAC Enhancements for Quality of Service
  • Project 802.11f,   IAPP Inter Access Point Protocol
  • Project 802.11g,  Higher Rate Extension to 802.11b
  • Project 802.11h,  SMa - Spectrum Managed 802.11a
  • Project 802.11i,   MAC Enhancements for Security
  • WNG,                     Wireless LAN Next Generation Standing Committee
  • Publicity               Ad Hoc Group
  • 802.18 Regulatory TAG

  • Meeting Schedule:

    The next meeting of 802.11 will take place at the Hyatt Regency Monterey, Monterey, California,  the week of Sept 9-13, 2002. See IEEE 802.11 Meeting Plan for details.



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