The September 2009 meeting was held at the Hilton Waikoloa, Big Island, Hawaii, USA.
As of this meeting, the IEEE 802.11 membership consists of 250 voting members.
September 21st-25th  Hilton Waikoloa Waikoloa, Big Island, Hawaii, USA 117 Interim
802.11 WG, TGs, SGs, SC &  AHC Combined Agenda
includes all Objectives & the WG Graphic

Official WG PAR Projects & Timescales

Timeline Details

Hotel Booking, Session Registration & General Info

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These ballots were initiated since the prior meeting: See letter ballots for details.

These new ballots were approved from this meeting:

Other WG activities:

Minutes & Reports

The consolidated working group and task group minutes are available here

The reports for the individual task groups are linked below:

  • Project 802.11m, Maintenance PAR
  • Project 802.11n, High Throughput
  • Project 802.11p, Wireless Access in the Vehicular Environment
  • Project 802.11s, Mesh Networking
  • Project 802.11u, Interworking With External Networks
  • Project 802.11v, Wireless Network Management
  • Project 802.11w, Protected Management Frames
  • Project 802.11z, Direct Link Setup
  • Project 802.11aa, Video Transport Streams
  • Project 802.11ac, Very High Throughput <6GHz
  • Project 802.11ad, Very High Throughput 60GHz
  • The reports for the individual standing committees are linked below:

  • WNG SC, Wireless LAN Next Generation Standing Committee
  • ARC: Architecture Standing Committee
  • The reports for the individual study and ad hoc groups are linked below:

  • QoSMAN AHC, QoS Management Frames Study Group
  • TVWS AHC, TV Whitespace Study Group
  • JTC1 AHC, JTC1 Ad Hoc Committee
  • REG AHC, Regulatory Ad Hoc Committee

    Meeting Schedule

    The next meeting (#118) is at the Hyatt Regency, Atlanta, Georgia, USA from November 15th-20th 2009.
    See November 2009 meeting for details.

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