Status of IEEE 802.11 GLK Study Group

General Link (GLK)

Donald E. Eastlake 3rd, Chair


There are a large number of new products including home entertainment systems and industrial control equipment that have both an IEEE 802.11 wireless station capability and a wired IEEE 802.3 Ethernet capability. IEEE 802.11 has media operating in the gigabit per second range and has standardized security and quality of service improvements. These developments raise a demand for bridging of IEEE 802.11 media to the same level as other media can be bridged: as media internal to the network as well as media offering access to the network.

This effort is being coordinated with the parallel 802.1Qbz/GLK General Link project.


To amend the 802.11 standard so as to provide protocols, procedures, and managed objects that enhance the ability of IEEE P802.11 media to provide internal connections as transit links within IEEE Std 802.1Q bridged networks.

November 2012, San Antonio, Texas

Key Documents


The main action at this meeting was the adjustment of the draft 802.11ak PAR, 11-12/1207r0, to r1 to respond to a comment on the r0 document. The GLK Study Group passed this revision on to the 802.11 WG which also approved it.

January 2013 plans

September 2012, Indian Wells, California

Key Documents


The main achievement of this meeting was the approval of 11-12/1077r4 as the draft PAR and Five Criterion for GLK/802.11ak. The GLK Study Group passed this document on to the 802.11 WG which also approved it. [It has since been split into two documents, 12-11/1207r0 for the PAR and 12-11/1208r0 for the 5C. These will be considered by the IEEE 802 Executive Committe at the November 802 Plenary Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.]

November 2012 plans

July 2012, San Diego, California

Creation of the GLK Study Group

At this meeting, a motion was approved by both the IEEE 802.11 WNG Standing Committeee and the IEEE 802.11 ARC Standing Committee, passed by the IEEE 802.11 Working Group, and then forwarded to and passed by the IEEE 802 Executive Committee (LMSC) as follows:

Request approval by IEEE 802 LMSC to form a Study Group on enabling the use of 802.11 infrastructure, PBSS, and IBSS associations as general transit links capable of supporting bridging, with the intent of creating a PAR and five criteria.


The main achievement of this meeting was the creation of the General Link (GLK) IEEE 802.11 Study Group.

  • Future Teleconferences Joint with the IEEE 802.1 General Link Study Group

    September 2012 plans




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